No reply in response to request for replacement cover

Hi Everyone,

Do people know if Fairphone currently have a backlog of customer service emails? I submitted a request for a replacement cover for my fairphone 2 a couple of weeks ago due to the issue with the rim and back cover splitting and was in correspondence with a Fairphone employee who agreed to ship out a new slim cover as a replacement (as it doesn’t seem like the issue with the original covers has been resolved and I don’t want to have to request another replacement in a few months).

That was a week ago now and I’ve yet to hear back in reply to my last message confirming that I would like the replacement shipped to the address on my account. I’ve sent a couple of additional emails in the same thread asking if there had been any progress on shipping a replacement, as my current cover is not pretty much useless and as a result I can’t use my phone.

I’m happy with the customer service I received and was looking forward to seeing what the new slim cover was like, but I’m a little bit annoyed that I’ve not been told if the replacement slim cover has been shipped and I can’t use my phone until I receive it.

Any help or clarification would be appreciated, cheers.


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I currently have a ticket open and I’ve not observed any delay in their answers.

Regular back cover design have failed. IMO, they should try to replace faulty ones with slim covers and stop sentencing us, users, to contact them every six months and the planet to assume indirect shipping contamination.

Did you have to pay for the slim replacement? I’m in the same situation and Fairphone insists in shipping me a regular back cover (and only black matte) or to fully pay for a new slim case, without any discount. I’d pay a few bucks, but definitely not 30€ + shipping (~15€) to replace a broken product which already cost me ~550€ (and which has another bunch of long-time unsolved bugs, like the clock and the glitches ones).

As opposed to you, I’m dissapointed with the policy Fairphone is taking with the cover replacements. This is my third regular case broken, :pensive:

Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong, I love the fair, social and open source movements, but the product being far from perfect is a fact. My brother’s FP2 is in the same state.

Yeah, I’m not sure why I’ve had no replies to my last few emails, thought perhaps I’d get a quicker response on here.

I was first offered a standard cover as a replacement but from the initial reply it sounded like they hadn’t fixed whatever the problems are with that cover. I then asked if it was possible to receive a new slim cover as a replacement because I didn’t want to be in the same situation a few months down the line and it seems antithetical to the idea of an ethical phone to generate waste like that. I was told this would be fine and asked to confirm my address on the shop account. Did this and haven’t received a reply since.

If anyone from Fairphone on here can help shed some light on this that’d be great. I’ve got the same email address registered to all my accounts and the original ticket.

Remember that the forum is a place for the community and not intended for official Fairphone Team responses. You cannot expect a Fairphone Team member to read all posts in search for questions they could possibly answer.

I don’t understand the discrimination I feel Fairphone is commiting me to. Definitely not fair.

Anyway, I really hope the best for you and you get your issue solved. You can write them by email or call them by phone if your ticket still frozen:

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