No NFC setting on FP3


I don’t have any NFC on my FP3, which I didn’t think about until I found out that generally FP3 seems to. Now I want to know if my phone isn’t supposed to have it, or if something is fishy :slight_smile:
I don’t have any NFC setting as far as I can tell, nor an icon when I take the back cover off. Is that how it should be?

Hi have you checked it is functioning by dialling *#*#66#*#* then select Service tests > Test single > > NFC Reader Mode

You can also turn NFC On/Off
Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > NFC


Just now I tested the test call, but when selecting NFC reader it closes abruptly, no result.

I don’t have the setting at all under the Connected devices/ connection preferences.

That you don’t see the option is a bit disturbing. What version of Android are you using. The current one is 8901.3.A.0136 which you should find under Settings > About phone > Build number ( scroll to last entry)

I don’t have Android Auto as I uninstalled it.

Yeah it’s weird it’s not there, Can I have deleted it by mistake (although I don’t remember doing that)?

The build is the newest, just updated it : 8901.3.A.0136

@dahlana Can you check if the NFC service is installed in your phone?
Go to the Settings, Apps, enable the option to show system apps, and look for something like ‘NFC Service’.

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Further to @igor-cali
Settings > Apps and notifications > SEE ALL ## APPS > the three dots top right > Show system > NFC service (scroll down 80%)

@dahlana check if the app has permissions (contacts and storage in my phone). Also, you could try to clear its data and reboot… Maybe there’s corrupted data

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Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

So I found the NFC system app, I cleared cache & storage, forced stopped it and restarted the phone, but it still doesn’t show up in the settings.

The app has storage and contacts permission.

I wonder if it’s an HW damage or if any metal or ecard supporting NFC is on the back of your phone.
You could remove the rear cover and check everything is clean and good near the NFC parts.

I turned it completely off and checked it was clean (it was), now and lo and behold, NFC popped up for the first time although inactive. So far so good :cowboy_hat_face:

Well now I turned it on and restarted, now it disappeared from settings again :thinking::exploding_head: And then one more time it turns up, but the NFC is not detected by the NFC app, I want to use… So see don’t touch :fearful:

@dahlana Do you have any antivirus, blocker app installed?

Or, did you disabile any Google or system app? Maybe the NFC service needs them.

Other seemingly unrelated states are
a) how much memory do you have unused
b) do you have an SD card firmaated as Externsl/portable with an eject icon to the right

Are you near a #fairphoneangel that may help ???

On my FB3+ I went to Settings, Connected devices, Connection preferences, below Bluetooth is NFC, it is either ON or OFF, I expect it is the same for the FB3, if you are running Android 10.

If the problem persists, I think it’s time to do a reset of the network+bluetooth stack: Essentially following this one

Be warned, you’ll have to reconnect to each and every WiFi AP + bluetooth device manually afterwards. Due to booting in safe mode, your home screen might get reset and if you have your contacts stored only locally, those might get lost.

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