No more Fairphones 2 on sale = preparing FP3?

I was in to get an extra FP2 for my (very small) community, and bam, compared to last december, I se nothing more is on sale on the website (there seems to remain some in the ‘official retailers’ listed)
Did I miss some announcement?
Or is it just some fortuitous interval and the production is just to resume soon?

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No, nothing has been announced. But…

If they don’t announce something along those lines soon then I’d also guess it has something to do with the FP3 maybe coming out soon. Maybe? :wink:
Lately they had no shortages and a good financial footing, so those long delays like in earlier years should be a thing of the past. But it could of course also be a shortage in production of some essential component.

Admittedly, this was my first thought, too. I still think it’s a tad bit more likely that we’ll see it back in stock on monday. I remember very well how some spare parts used to “sell out” in the past repeatedly, especially over weekends or in the late afternoon, only to return just 1-2 days later once Fairphone HQ is staffed again.

But let’s wait and see …

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I was wrooong! :grin: