No mobile data after disconnecting WiFi

Just having a problem with mobile data not working on either of my 2 sim cards after I’ve disconnected from wifi.
I’ve reset sim settings but still no joy. Phone and texts still work but I get a x symbol next to signal indicator on the display for both sims.
When I reconnect to wifi the x symbol disappears , but obviously data is now coming through Wifi so could still be a problem with the hardware. Any ideas? Could it be a fault with sim module? Phone is 3+ and only a few months old.

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Tried resetting APN as suggested but still getting a problem with both sim cards. It seems to be linked to WiFi access, first screenshot shows mobile data available when wifi connected but then drops out as soon as it is disconnected? Phone has been working fine up until this weekend. Seems weird. .not to do with signal strength as my partner has giff gaff sim and having no problems. I had a fairphone 2 before this and remember similar issues. I’m thinking it’s a hardware failure

The first screen shows you have reception for calls not mobile data, because you are connected to a wifi network.

The second shows you have reception for calls still, the x indicates you have no internet although it seems mobile data are enabled for SIM 2.

So you have a data plan on SIM 2? If you have a data plan on SIM 1, did you try to change mobile data to SIM 1?

Beside resetting APN to default, did you check the entries are correct? Did you restart the phone? If turned on, you can try to turn off Wifi and 4G (VoLTE) calling. You can try to change preferred network to 3g or 2g (not sure what is still working in UK)


I have data plans on both sims. Swapped data to the other sim and restarted and now seems to be working ok.
Perhaps a fault with data access on one of the sims?

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Good it works now. As both SIM are from giffgaff, check if APN entries on both are the same. If yes, i dont know, maybe just a hicup and it will work when you change back to SIM 2


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