No internet access(wifi) need advice about devices to change

Hi everyone,

My FP2 fell down for the 10th time one month ago (had no protection) and since then I cannot access internet , even the wifi. On my telegram account for instance it says “Waiting for network”… Do you know if changing a special device could help? And the battery is not as efficient as it used to be… One more thing, I have had my phone for 3 years more or less…

Honestly I am considering changing my mobile, I can’t go on like this. :confused:

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It may just be a faulty connection but it’ll need taking apart.
Are there any #fairphoneangels in your area?

Can you access Internet using mobile data? That should work, if you can make calls.

Spare batteries are available from the online shop, but obviously get the Wi-Fi sorted first.

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No I live in Marseille, France, and I don’t think there are any Fairphone shop in this city!
Where can I check this out? just in case…
mobile data? Is it with the vpn?

I was suggesting you contact a Fairphone Angel, click the first link in my previous post.
There used to be one in Marseilles but it seems the nearest is currently Cannes

The FPAs are not shops but simply members of our community who are prepared to spend time helping others, though they likely have tools and maybe parts for doing tests, over and above their knowledge.


“Mobile data” means connecting to the Internet using the cellular radio network (that your phone uses for calls), rather than Wi-Fi. If you need any details on this let me know.