No import of contacts from SIM possible, no storage of contacts on SD or SIM

I just got my new Fairphone 2, and am trying to get my contacts inside , without using google or any cloud. But the phone doesnt recognize any contacts on my SIM (saying 0 contacts are on the SIM) and when I try to save a new contact manually, it only gives me the option to save it on a messenger or on google, not even internally or on SD.
What can I do? I really would like to start using the phone, but so far there is no joy…

It’s new for you, but it’s a used one?
Were you able to export the contacts on your previous phone?

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Helo Volker, It is a used one, but reset to factory settings. I stored the contacts from my old phone on the sim, the old phone didnt make vcf exports. But the fairphone doesnt even show any Option to store contacts other than messengers or google. So now I habe my Telegramm contacts, but neither whatsap nor the phone itself when being called recognize them…

Try to install Mylocalaccount by FJ Softwaredevelopment
and then there should be a possibility to copy from the SIM.

I had an old feature phone before coming to the FP2, and although it was pissible to do .vcf exports, even this wasn’t recognized by the FP2. So I have bad news, you’ll have to copy all contacts manually I think, if your phone was a feature phone as well.
There is an option to activate I think. I’ll see on my spare FP2 when I have time and tell you.

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That’s weird. I’ve never stored them on Google and had always local contacts. So there must be a way.
What OS version so you have? When I have a little bit of time I may try it out on a factory reset FP2.
If your old phone still exists you might use myphoneexplorer to export the contacts on your old phone and import them on your FP2.

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I have just tried on my second FP2, and I confirm thereis no way to save the contact on the SIM or phone even if you disabled the sync of contacts in the settings. The only way is suppressing the google account and adding the contact, and then adding the google account again. I now.understand even more why I don’t use google. I haven’t tried inserting my SIM, I don’t particularly want to do insert it in a google infected phone phone with google on it.

I may have missed an option, but I didn’t find anything, I don’t know if @Volker came to the same conclusions.


I’ve also tried it out now. It’s correct, there’s no “store to device” option in the contacts app. I never worried as the first thing I always did was going to settigs -> account and disable all google sync. So you store your contacts into your google account, but only locally.
Even better might be to change to /e/ OS as there’s an option in the contacts app to store your contacts locally. :slight_smile:


I think you might want to try an alternative app such as Simple Contacts. I use it on my FP2, and I think it offers to store contacts locally, instead of on the google account. Will give it a try.

Edit: I can confirm Simple Contacts offer the possibility of adding a contact to the google account, to the phone storage or the phone storage but invisible for other apps. It’s a very complete app and I find it better than all the contacts apps I used up to now. Can be found on F-Droid or Play Store.

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Thanks to everybody for the advice,

In the ensd I used the app local contacts and imported each contact manually. Not elegant but I can at least use the phone now!


Hmm, I have been able to import my SIM contacts previously, but I think that that was on Android 5 or 6. Now, on Android 7, I also get no SIM contacts (while it should have the usual voicemail / customer service / etc.).

Looks like a bug in Fairphone OS. Is there anyone who runs the Android 9 beta who can confirm this and file a bug report for it (as Android 7 is no longer under development)?

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