No data after updating to Android 11 for FP3


last week I got the update to Android 11 for my Fairphone 3. Since completing the update, I can’t get to the internet without Wifi. I tried to find new APN-setting (vor YESSS (Austria)). But it still doesn’t work.

Any suggestions what to do? Thanks in advance!


Just to be sure – did you check whether the SIM card you want to use for mobile data is still selected?
And here’s a suggestion from OldRoutard, concerning earlier update of FP2 but worth a try – that is, if you didn’t try it already:


Same problem; resetting APN settings had no effect.

UPDATE: After restarting the phone and waiting about 2 hours, it started working again :tada:

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I have the same issue. Resetting the APN had no effect for me.

Could you clarify what you exactly did ,when you say resetting? Did you create a new APN, did you correct then existing APN, did you deleted the existing APN before you created a new one? Did you save whatever you entered (there have been misunderstandings before, therefore I’m asking).

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I went to Settings ⟩ Network and Internet ⟩ Mobile network ⟩ Access Point Names. Then I pressed the (three dots) in the top right corner and selected Reset to default.

I don’t know if that’s what made it work again, it’s just one of the things I did before it started working again. I also re-enabled mobile data several times, rebooted the phone once, and waited for several hours.


I also have the feeling that the 4G connection is very unstable & sometimes disappears since the update to Android 11. In fact that’s what I came looking for on the forum just now.

Many people had this problem according to this thread : Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+ - #122 by lespowl

In my case, a factory reset solved the problem. Don’t forget to backup all the important files on your phone if you do it.

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… ich bekomme jedes mal beim Reboot diese Absturzmeldung: zoneaccess.

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The link you provide seems to be duff

request number is 516509.
Ich habe keinen Link gepostet sondern eine Fehlermeldung!

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After updating my Fairphone 3+ to Android 11 I cannot establish an a mobile internet connection when my VPN (Nord) is enabled, WIFI no problem…

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Have you tried some of the above actions?

Yes I tried it all, including a factory reset…: I have a mobile internet connection when my VPN is disabled…

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This worked for me: set 2G, restart, set Automatic and restart one more time


I assume that this is without using a VPN and that’s my problem: I also tried this with the VPN enabled and it didn’t help. I guess that for the time being I can’t use the VPN on my mobile internet connection on the FP3+…

I solved my problem by installing lineage os, the VPN is connecting now…

Thanks! That worked for me. Bizar, every update data problems.
So set to 2G, then reboot.

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Interesting, I had the same problem at home. I cycled to another area of Cambridge yesterday and it worked there. Also worked at home when I got back. Can’t be 100% sure it was the update after which it wouldn’t connect to the EE network as there are times when it is dodgy in the area anyway.

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Same problem here. Seems to have been resolved by resetting the APNs to default and then doing a full power cycle (not just reboot, power off and power up again).

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