No contacts are shown on my Fairphone

When I turn on my phone it often doesn’t show any contacts from my SIM card. I have to turn it off and then on again and normally it’s fine then, but lately even turning it off doesn’t work anymore.
Has anyone else experienced it? And if so, what did you do?
And what could be the reason that it can’t show my contacts?

@frike_l are you experiencing any other problems with your mobile network - for example not being able to make/receive calls or texts?

Basically, I’m wondering if it’s a problem with your SIM?

You could also try installing the SIM Card app. When you launch it there is a section called contacts, so you should be able to see if this app is picking up your contact list

no, everything else works just fine, and I already used another phone to see if my sim card is broken but with the other one everything worked just fine.

but thanks for the tip with the app I’m gonna try it out.


Did you get everything working in the end? Was it your SIM card that was the problem?

I have the same problem than frike since some weeks ago
It afects to calls, whatsapp, sms,…

The problem is only in fairphone. When I use my sim in my old telephone (a very simple one, no smartphone), it works.

Has anybody already have the solution?


You could borrow someone elses Smartphone, put your Sim Card in, move the Contacts to the Phone, then via USB to a computer and then to your Phone.
I store all my contacts on the Phone instead of the Sim. But if you do that you should do Backups every now and then or otherwize you will loose all Contacts that are not on the Sim if the Phone breaks or has to be reset.

Thanks for your help.
If I couldn’t resolve the problem I will have to do this.
Bud I prefer have my contacts in the SIM.

I have the same problem. Can somebody help me? It is very anoying sometimes :slight_smile: My Sim is fine, the problem is the phone.

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