Occasionally all the contacts disappear

Sometimes all my contacts desappear. In whatssapp no name is shown but the telephone numbers. Does anybody know what happens and how to solve this?

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do you have your contacts stored on your sim or on the phone?
check this post here

Did you search for a solution here or try the following?

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This would also be important to know.

My contacts are stored in the sim, I had already checked and these are the ones that are always supposed to be shown. I will try to understand if this changes for some issue.

Well then maybe your SIM card is defunct and should be replaced.

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I have the same thing. All my contacts disappear when my battery dies and my phone turns itself off. I also have all my contacts stored on my simcard.
I bought a new simcard last April 2014, so a broken simcard can’t be the problem. I don’t know what it is, but I just turn it off and on a couple of times till the contacts return. Although it does bug me sometimes.

Hi, I had the same problem! Furthermore there were contacts missing. For the missing contacts I solved it by importing all my contacts from my sim to my phonememory. Then empty my sim. Then deleting all doubles on my phonememory and exporting them back to my sim. Additional WhatsApp showed the contact names again.

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I have the same problem than Marco_Stella

And I don’t want to have the contacts in the phone, but in the sim.

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I had a similar - but different - problem. All my contacts stored in my exchange account disappeared, just the SIM stored ones were available. I had to delete and re-install the exchange account. It happened once for the last 6 months.

I have the same problem as Ana_Linux_Spain. My Sim contacts disappear often and I don’t want to have contacts in the phone.

Hey, I had/have the same problem sometimes. I got advised to reboot my system, this worked just fine, until it started happening again.
But maybe it will work for others who have the same problem…

Same for me! It happens very regularly. Some solution?

I just realised this happened to me. It shows me the frequently called contacts, and two nrs stored on sim 1. When I do an import I can store the invisible nrs to sim 1 to have them available again, but why doesn’t it show sim 2 and the internal nrs?