No connection with the camera

I continue with the problem with muy camera. It is imposible to take pictures. The message that appears says that there is not conexión with the camera. Pleeeeaseeeee give me a solution. I love taking photos!!!

Try to #disassemble the phone, take the camera module out and clean the contacts.
Does neither front- nor back-facing camera work?

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Do you have installed the latests version of fairphone os?

Which version do you have installed?

I had the problem too when I installed my new front module 2 days ago.
What I did was:

  1. Installed front camera first time: SW did not claim that new module was inserted. Google Standard App did claim "the app can not connect to the camera"
    2.Disassembled new module and reassambled it again. SW did not claim that new module was inserted. Google Standart Kamera did not recognice a front camera at all.
    3.Disassembled new module, assembled old module. Everything seemed to work as usual.
    4.Updated my phones os. (Android with GMS)
    5.Disassembled old module and reassamled new module. Everything works since then.

Please give a feedback how it works out at you.

How can I do that disassemble?

Yes, I installed the lastest version OS.17.11.2

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