No Command Issue on Every Reboot

Hi. I have been working with my fairphone since march and I am happy. However, yesterday I started the cherry update and nothing works anymore. Every time I want to reboot it, the android roboter comes up with no command. Neither the rebooting with the volume up button nor to press the power button in order to get to the reboot menu works. No button works! It is annoying. I have read all the contributions in the forum, but there is no help for this matter. What can I do? Thanks a lot for your help for a desperate user. Malte

@Malte_Kassner - I have moved this comment from another topic. Did you manage to sort this, or are you still experiencing this issue?

If not, perhaps a screenshot of the problem might help.

I think it will be quite difficult to make a screenshot when nothing is working. :wink:

A secure way to resolve this problem is to t re-installing the Fairphone software from recovery

Kind regards

I have exactly the same problem after starting the installation of the new update. NOTHING works. nothing. any ideas?

Hi Norma, can you try following these instructions and see if it helps?