After update to 1.8.7 google apps can't be installed!

Sorry can’t read this…

Same problem here. This really sucks.

You do not need the browser to reinstall the play store. Just open the Fairphone Updater App and choose to install Google Apps there. Make sure your screen stays on during the update.

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@evidemment: That’s the english Version of the tutorial.
Could you make it again step-by-step, and double-check each point (especially don’t forget to allow super-user rights, if necassary)?

Were that the SAME problems with GAPPS? If yes, could you remember how you solved this the first time(s)?

For sake of completness, here is a very huge thread about similar problems, but I could not figure out a “final” solution, just a lot of hints what people tried…
Cheers, Robert

The suggested link does not help to solve the problem at all!

After rebooting for the installation the phone is stuck in system recovery mode saying “no command”.

… updates should only be released if they work without causing trouble … !

@Irrelevant: Since you did not mention that you have the well known “no command” message before, you cannot blame recommending you non-helpful links (as they were adressed to @evidemment anyway).

You searched already for “no command” in the forum?
Then I guess you found already this links:
Trouble Shooting Article
Forum topic 1
Forum topic 2

Report back if you succeeded or not…
Cheers, Robert.


Hi, I had the same problem ad solved it!
First, I made Fairphone OS my standard homescreen (I had another launcher; in system settings >apps, I remove its Standard).
Then, I [manually reinstalled Fairphone OS 1.8.7][1], meaning the second time, the first was via the Fairphone updater (no worries, it still keeps all data and settings).
But this time, after the update, before doing anything else, as soon as I saw the Google apps install button, I pressed it and it started downloading (which it refused before).
It went smooth!
Conclusion: if any problems after FP OS update, do the OS manual update.

I hope this works for you too.

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A most valuable reminder. People with non-native launchers have encountered problems with earlier upgrades, so this is well-known (by some) as well as mentioned in earlier threads but of course easily forgotten. So: whenever a new FPOS version/upgrade arrives, those who have installed an alternative launcher should always revert to the default before running the update app - just to be on the safe side.


During install of gapps I get the message md5 error and if I ignore this , it can’t find file sdcard/updater/
How can I download new file?

Just to say, seems this was a problem with WLAN, when I tried again in different WLAN, everything worked fine.

I got the ‘can’t find file’ message, but a second attempt worked for me.
But the md5 error, which I didn’t have, sounds worrying. After the 1.8.5 upgrade, one user solved it by a factory reset, after which it was possible to reinstall gapps: see Google Apps can’t be reinstalled
This of course means that your personal settings and other things will disappear, so a backup (e.g. with Titanium Backup) is strongly advised.

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Yep that’s what I did… factory reset… it solved the problem alright but it’s the second time I have to do that, just after every upgrde. Don’t think it’s the way to go… it’s so fastidious.

Anyway, hope it’s better next time…

By the way, just before the reset I managed to installe gaaps again just by pressing the same button in the updater apk!!! Just like that it worked! so don’t despair, try it again a few times and then do a factory reset.

Why you finally did a factory reset, although you have been able to install GAPPS just right before?
What you mean by “updater apk”, just the normal updater app, right?

@evidemment: You mentioned in another topic (about the Android ID) that you chose to reset your Android ID to the old one when Titanium Backup warned you that it had changed. As I have learned today, this Android Device ID links the phone to the Google services. Maybe that’s why you’ve had these problems… try to keep the new one next time.

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I hope there’s not going to be a next time of hard reset!! but thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

Because after I installed GAPPS I started having the same problem as before… google play would not update any of my applications… everything seems to be back to normal now… crossing my fingers. :smile:

After system update I am unable to reinstall Google apps. The Google apps installer says there is no room on the “front page”, which is wrong. When I put it elsewhere it says that the apps are already installed. I´ve tried to reinstall the software using Fairphone updater but it wont reinstall, it just updates which doesn´t do the trick it seems. So, anyone knows what to do?

What helped me is installing the update to 1.8.7 again, then install Google Apps via the Fairphone Updater App, not the Widget.

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Here is a guide on how to do so:

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Thanks Ben. I find it hard to control the updater. Anyway, I cleaned the cache of the updater and then it worked. Magic…?