No choice of preferred network type: 2G only

I have two SIM, Orange and Telia. Irrespective of slot order, Orange shows Preferred Network type in black and tapping brings up the radio button menu (default 4G).

The Telia SIM has Preferred Network type greyed out, and 2G only displayed.

On Orange I see 4G above the signal icon (the Orange is switched off in the screenshot), with Telia either E or nothing.

I have asked Telia, without resolution so far - at their request I swapped SIM slots between the two SIM cards.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? All the functions seem to work fine, but bandwidth is restricted.

With two SIM cards, only one can be used with 3G or 4G. The other one automatically is in 2G mode. So if you want to get 4G on your Telia SIM, you first need to switch your Orange SIM to 2G.

This has been mentioned multiple times in the forum. Please do a forum search for more information on it.


Thanks, I did search but obviously not successfully. I would have expected the settings here to respond automatically to choices under settings -> SIM cards, so that the card chosen for priority for mobile data shifted to the single available 4G.

Finding settings -> more -> mobile network as well is not obvious, so I’d suggest passing a request upstream for the 4G capability to follow the mobile data priority choice.

There is no “passing upstream” here, cause this is just a community forum and I’m just an FP2 user as you are. :wink: So if you want to send this feature request, you can do so in this thread or contact the FP team directly via the support channel. :slight_smile:

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