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Hey everyone

For panoramas, I used the Google caméra app un the past, which had a really good feature : making panoramas shot by shot, in stead of a continuous moving blurry thing. It had also different assembly options, like horizontal, vertical, grid or sphere.
I don’t know why, but those features are not available any more on my phone…

Anyone has a good suggestion for this kind of panorama camera app ?


You could get the Google Camera app from ApkMirror:

ApkMirror is affiliated with (see disclaimer at the bottom of the page) and is trusted also by xda developers.

If you are running LineageOS, by default there will be no Google Apps.
You can install your desired amount of Google Apps via Open GApps.

Thanks for help !

Thanks for the link. I wonder why it’s so difficult to get this app. For me it’s from far the best one for panorama. It seems that it is developped for Android 8 now … I guess I can only install Google Camera …

I’m indeed on LOS. I installed Open GApps already since the beginning. I used to have the wanted features of G Camera but they suddenly disappeared for an unknown reason…

I tried to install Google Camera but my FP2 refuses. Telling that it’s not compatible with my phone :frowning:

What about the 4.4.x versions?

Not compatible either … :neutral_face: I don’t get it

When I re-install my old version of Google Camera (2.4) it’s installing it like it was an update of something, and I have no panorama function any more. I don’t understand.

Exactly like here :

But on my side, it couldn’t be hardware limitation since I had those features before on my FP2.

I’m really desperate… There are no good camera apps ? All of them propose to turn around the phone for a very poor blurry result… The only one which takes the panorama shot by shot is Panorama 360, but has only one assembly option (horizontal) and the link between the pictures is not as good as it used to be with the Google Camera !

Why this awesome panorama feature vanished from the Google Camera ? Not just on my FP2 but also on my pad !

For example, here is what I did in the past when I still had that option :

They are wide angle shots, in fact the assembly of 6 to 9 pictures with Google Camera. I really want to use it again !

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I think I finally founda decent app : Bimostitch. It allows you to take the pictures one by one with the camera app of your choice and then merge them into one. Not as good as the Google one, but better than nothing.


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