Xposed framework and modules slow down the FP2?

Hey there

When I do the LOS updates, I noticed that my phone is faster, until I re-flash the Xposed framework.

I just use 3 modules :

  • Bootmanager
  • Xprivacy
  • Xprivacy app info

Do any of you also experience a slowdown with the Xposed running ? Any way to fix it ?


Are you using XPrivacy or XprivacyLua? The latter is meant for Android 6+ (M and later). Your LOS should be 7.1.2 right now.

See here for the different versions the developer has released: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Marcel+Bokhorst

EDIT: And also XPrivacy App Info is for Android <= 6: https://github.com/gsantner/XPrivacyAppInfo not updated in 2 years, likely bitrotten.

I use Xposed in two FP Open OS phones with different setups and never observed any negative impact. I don’t use Xprivacy though.

Thank you !

I just uninstalled all my modules and replaced with XprivacyLua. So far so good. My phone doesn’t warm up like before, my battery is also better and no more slow down.

Let’s see after a week but at least this XprivacyLua is better than the previous one !


Thank you for reporting back that the solution worked for you :slight_smile:

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