No audio after unplugging headphone


After unplugging headphones, the audio is gone. Only after rebooting all is good again.

I’ve used different 4-segments plugs, i.e. a (headphones + microphone) combination. Happened with both.

FP3, Kernel version 4.9.112-perf+#2 Dec 17

Praise - and feature request

Superb phone, I really love it. Finally I could leave the S5 behind (the last L.OS fon with swappable battery. By now I had used up 5 recycled S5 lol.). Thank you very much for the FP3.
For truly sustainable phone concepts, please try to invent components which (not only replace with the same thing in case of broken but) actually UPGRADE the existing phone with more capabilities. I.e. a better camera, 2 years from now, which fits the same cam slot. Thanks for considering.

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