No access to calls & data after a few hours on Fairphone 4


I bought my mum a Fairphone 4 last X-mas. It is unfortunately dysfunctional: After a few hours or days of working normally, the phone does not receive calls or sms, whatsapp messages. There are no notifications either. It is only when you restart the phone that all the missed messages of the last days appear all at once. And of course after a few hours or days, it’s the same problem again. We put the sim card back in her old phone while the phone was at the repair center, and it works perfectly with this old phone (Samsung).

We also tried to make the Fairphone 4 work with my SIM card (Free): same problem after just a few hours, I do not have access anymore to calls, sms and the internet data (despite restoring to factory settings).
So, the problem clearly comes from the new phone, the Fairphone 4 (which has already been exchanged by Orange customer service).

I don’t understand the problem!

Any idea how I could solve this?
Otherwise I will just have to dump it and buy a classical non ethical smartphone, what a waste! :confused:

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Your experience isn’t the common, so it’s not a generic phone problem.

One thing you may like to try is to see if you have an app called Digital Wellbeing and if so disable it. It seems to initiate a lot of resets.

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Thanks for this Tipp. I checked and I have no such app
So I’ll keep looking

Have you already contacted support?

Has the FP4 already been to the support center? If yes, with which result?

I have contacted the support of Fairphone which redirected me to the support of the store where I bought the phone (Orange). I have then sent it twice to the repair center via the support of the store (the first time, they did not do anything as they had not understood that the calls and data where not working after a while and not just generally. The second time, they changed the phone and sent a new one)
Despite that the problem is still there :confused:

Since this change of phone, I have tried with my SIM (which is working perfectly with my Fairphone 4).
And I have encountered the same problem after just a few hours: I have no reception anymore and canno access internet

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My SIM is working perfectly with my Fairphone 3
*Not 4

As I’ve never heard about this problem, it was not solved by a new device and it also happens with another sim:
I can only imagine it’s caused by any app.
With all those problems the phone may not be really “in productive use” at the moment. So you might possibly try a factory reset and check if the problem also happens without installing any additional apps?

Ah, and just in case: are you using an SD card? And if yes, is it formatted as internal or portable storage?


I have already tried the factory reset

We both have an SD card, and I have not checked how it is formatted/ have not changed the formatting after the switch to the new phone
Can the set-up affect the performance of the phone?

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Never configure the SD card as “internal storage”. This could create the mentioned problems.
See #sdcardguide .


Thanks I’ll check that and see if that could be the problem!


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