No 3G internet connection

Since about a week or something i’ve experienced problem with internet over 3G (Telia, Sweden). WiFi works perfectly, but as soon as I leave home I have no internet, around 9 out of 10 times that I need it. Extremly irritating! I can make phone calls and text, but no internet. It’s been working only one or two times, when I’ve restarted the phone, or switched data connection on and off. But now, since if installed the new software, it doesn’t make any difference if I restart the phone. Havn’t had 3g-internet in about two days.

Hi Jesper,
I occasionally have the same problem. Most often the siluion is to switch off/on data connection once or twice. I suspect that this is a Telia issue, maybe related to the hacker attacks aimed at Telia servers that hss been reported recently.

I have the same problem, however I don’t think it is necessarily a telia-problem. Fooling around a bit I noticed that it is mainly http-connections (port 80) that fail, while mail-connections (imap port 143) always work OK. Switching on tethering and connecting with my laptop works without problem even though most apps on the phone can’t get a connection. Has anyone contacted Fairphone support about this?

Hi Leif,
take a look at this thread:

Seems as if some update in Telia’s system requires editing your APN settings.


Thanks! That seems to do the trick.