Night Light activated automatically unintentionally

Although I have set the option for automatic night light mode to “never”, it still activates at some time in the evening. This happened the last three evenings, however, I cannot reproduce the behavior on purpose. Did anyone experience the same issue?

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Sounds to some extent similar to “Night Light never stops” in “Night Light” never stops…?

Yeah, I’ve seen that. Seems related somehow, although it is the other way round for me. I would suppose that when the function is disabled the phone does not switch to/from night mode at all…

It obviously happens between 9pm and 9:20pm which is neither the time set (22:00 in greyed out letters as it is deactivated) nor the time of sunset at my place (was around 20:30 today).

Any idea why this happens? Can we file an official bug report for that?

It also turns on every night on My phone. I haven’t paid attention to the exact time though.

Just in case it helps with reproducing: I once played around with the night Light settings before I deactivated the automation again.

(Btw, I find it nice to have this feature included in the OS, however I like ‘Red Moon’ functionality much better :slight_smile: )

Yes, I can confirm this. I also switched the feature on once for testing after the upgrade, then deactivated it again.

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