"Night Light" never stops

I installed Fairphone OS 17.04.8 yesterday without any issues and I’m quite happy with it so far. :slight_smile:
Having the Night Light feature integrated into the OS, I uninstalled Red Moon … unfortunately though, Night Light seems to think the sun never rises. What am I doing wrong? (I enabled Location for a few seconds, which is usually long enough for location-dependent features to get what they want but to no avail)
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I have noted exactly the same, tried as you to use “automatic: sunset/sunrise”, but it never changed to nigh-mode, first I thought it might have to do with the battery saver but I tried without it and still it didn’t work.

To use “automatic: set time” works for me but it is not ideal since the sunset/sunrise changes quite a lot where I live =)


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I have the same bug. How can we get the technicians of FP2 to the point they are going to solve this?
Night Light is better for power consumption and contributes to the environmental goals of the Fairphone Company.

Seems to work fine for me, though I’ve got location enabled all the time.

Which location setting do you use?
“high accuracy”, “battery saving” or “device only”?
I wonder if it might have to do with permissions to google stuff…

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I use high accuracy.

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Hmm, I use “Device only” to save battery and to prevent the phone from poking through wifi and data-traffic while I keep those off… Might be that I don’t get a lock within my apartment and therefore the nightlight doesn’t set.
Will try with high accuracy tonight and see if it helps.

One would think that the phone should use “last available location” as location in the case that no location is available…

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Well, this is odd, I did a full cycle with “high accuracy”, everything suddenly worked as intended, switched back to " device only " and it still works… Which is good☺.

But I assume I will have to redo this every now and then to make sure it updates to the change of sunset/sunrise.

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