NFC to Abbott Freestyle Libre broken in 8901.4.A.0016.6 [FIXED in 0017.3]

And probably will not work, as this is prescription based and also version 2 of this sensor is discontinued (for patent violation reasons, allegedly)

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In germany you are able to buy these sensors without a prescription. But that might be different depending on your country of residence.

While Abbott is pushing its user base towards version 3 of the sensor, version 2 is still available for me to purchase directly from Abbott. Admittedly though, I dont know how long this will last.

Why? How would you do proper software testing, of not testing the compatability of your software with other software? And the point here is quite another. As you may have noticed, the last update caused quite an amount of differenz issues. And all would have been noticed when a proper test strategy had been applied. Which had been not. Which is why the users are alpha-testing the last update. Which makes it annoying to see, that nothing seems to happen.

I agree with @ralfberlin it is crazy to think Fairphone will buy every device that can connect to the phone and try every combination of every setting with every other, some billions times billions of test.

Sure test out the basics but “testing the compatability of your software with other software” is unlimited.

Well I don’t have any so it isn’t common.

Again unrealistic to expect such

I’m sure in the background Fairphone are working on some issues that have been reported and they may be resolved in the next update ~ not that that guarantees there won’t be new issues :rofl:

But this is about NFC and Abbott. making this a general whinge isn’t helping anyone I should image, though it may be entertaining but then that’s a bit sad. :scream:


This is kind of a difficult proposition if you are the one providing the operating system other software is going to run on. The general expectation in these circumstances should be continuous testing on the side of the app publisher, i.e. Abbott. But this is also a difficult proposition, since the Android landscape is quite diverse.

Not to mention that Abbott has previously shown they are not very diligent in their App support. Last time I checked the libre 3 android app was still pretty much ununsable for a lot of their users.


Who says they should. Likely some of the market leaders would suffice. If they had tested that update thouroughly, this would have include cross checking connectivity. They simply didn’t.

Because you are the median user?

What exactly is unrealistic with that? To expect, FP does test thouroughly so the users are not alpha testing or that a solid test strategy might help discover software issues? Or both?

Yeah… hen and egg… as FP is by no means market leader, it is very unwise not to test used software with other software on the market.

Well… Cross testing… That’s difficult. For one, it’s not a pure software thing, hardware is also different, including firmware versions.
And then, surely not the only company, but abbot is notoriously known for not following specs and delivering alpha software. Btw, even not all Samsung models are really supported. We learned that the hard way. So “niche” supplier Fairphone would fight a battle they’re sure to lose (among others). And yes, there’s simply no way to be reasonably sure this will always work with the variation in the combination of hardware, firmware and software.


Another freestyle 2 user here… very very glad this is being fixed in the next FP update! Luckily i have a reader but such a pain having to fiddle with my reader, my phone (to add notes food etc) AND then my pump to calculate all the bolus/food/enter BG etc :weary:

The update is here:


minutes after my post the update has come out and it works! thank you! :smiley:


The problem seems to be fixed. Thank you!


Hi, just installed the new Software update. Problem with the Librelink glucose scanner seems to be repaired beyond expectation… Normally when when you start a sensor with another device, in my case the scanner I got from Abbott the Freestyle Libre handscanner, you are not able to also scan it with your phone (I think) .
But I tried anyway, and I am able to read the glucose level with the phone! The alarms it usually also able to give (via Bluetooth) will probably not work, only when I start the sensor with phone.

But, thank you Fairphone! I’d hoped to see this update a little earlier since the quick beta fix was available half September. But hey, if that is all… There are wirser things in life.


Its working again. Small update of 34Mb. Release 5. October.

Thanks Fairphone!


After the update of October 21, 2022, the freestyle librelink application works correctly again on my fairphone FP3+.


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