NFC symbol does not show in the status bar when activated


I want to start using my FP3 for nfc-payment and got aware today that the nfc symbol doesn’t show in the status bar (on top, where u see the time + eg the bluetooth symbol when activated = is that called status bar?) I am sure when I tried putting nfc on a few weeks ago, that the symbol was there.

So I would love to see that nfc is activated quickly. So do you know if is this a bug & maybe connected with the topic of “NVC disappeared from quick bar”?

I would not feel comfortable right now to use my FP3 for nfc-based payments, when I don’t see quickly if its activated or not. Right now I always have to go to the settings to check if its activated or not – which feels not very user friendly.


Using the search function I came across this.

Thanks, but I already read that. Maybe its connected, but my main topic is not activating or deactivating nfc in the quick menu - I simlpy want to see in the status bar if its activated or not. Right now if I activate it, I dont see any symbol or icon showing me that nfc is currently on.