NFC disappeared from quick bar

NFC symbol disappeared from quick bar
I can still turn NFC on or off in settings.

Things attempted:

  • reboot -> no difference

Do you know what’s up? Is everyone else’s phone also without NFC symbol in the quickbar?

Android community suggested that the option may have been removed as part of a FairPhone system update

Pull down the drawer to its full size (i. e. three lines of icons), tap on the pencil symbol to edit and get your beloved NFD back :wink:


No, it’s gone from there, too.

Edit: and the screenshot already shows the edit mode of the quick settings, so I assume the OP already tried it

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Seems that I was a bit rash. The setting is gone for me, too. Maybe this is related to the Google Pay snafu??

It is not. Snafu was yesterday. This was ongoing for a month or more

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