NFC crashes FP3 badly when active and any NFC chip present for a few seconds, reboot fails

whenever NFC is active and any NFC chip is in close distance, then my FP3 suddenly crashes after a couple of seconds.
It tries to reboot automatically, but fails. Instead there is a menu shown with the two options to try booting manually or resetting the whole phone to factory defaults.
Luckily it manually reboots succesfully.
Does anyone have any clue what’s causing those crashes? Or how to find out more information about those crashes?
Could the NFC sensor be broken, so that it causes stress to the phone hardware like short circuit or some odd high voltages (maybe by resonating with the nfc chip)?

Please inform us of

  • The OS, is it up to date?
  • How much memory do you have, at least 6Gb hopefully
  • Do you use an SD card and is it formatted as [Portable]
  • Have you tried using the phone in safe made as this disables any custom apps?
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OS is current Android 11, incl security update from June 5th, 2023
build 8901.4.A.0023.0.release-keys

Memory: 41…43GB of 52GB internal storage used (if you asked about RAM, idk how to find out about)

SD-card: in use, normally formatted as normal memory. I guess “portable” means that it is handled as shared memory, as if it is internal memory. Is that recommended? (I remember I tried once to use it like that, but I somehow wasn’t able to find that option. So I use it as external storage)

Safe mode: no, i didn’t try it yet. How to switch to safe mode?
Also: For reasons I never tried to reproduce that error by trying to force it, for example by placing a NFC card close to the phone and starting a timer to find out how long it takes until phone crashes.
My reasons: as long as I don’t have any idea about the causes of the crash I strictly avoid having my phone close to NFC chips longer than needed when NFC is active. Because I don`t want to fry anything. Neither my phone nor those chips. But I am afraid that it could fry something.
All those crashes happened on accident, by forgetting to deactivate NFC after use, or by forgetting about an NFC in range of the phone.
So, I can try using Safe Mode as soon as someone can grant me that it will not fry anything.

No Normal/default is internal, which is something to avoid. All data on Internal extension is encrypted, if the phones stops functioning you loose all your data

Formatted as portable you can move your SD card to another phone or PC and access you data, as it is not encrypted.

Formatted as portable and you will see an eject icon to the right.

Your SD card should be formatted as portable. There a lots of problems with SD card formatted otherwise.
Portable means here that you can take out the SD card, so it is external storage.

The SD is formatted as portable

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Is there any way to get more information about this issue from my phone? For example, I have termux installed, maybe there are some command line tools which might drop more information. I am open for suggestions and recommendations.

I also wonder which kind of events might be able to cause such a sudden crash, followed by a failed reboot. Is it a software thing? Or is it a hardware/firmware thing? To me it looked like some hardware produced an error which caused the system to switch off asap. In this case maybe there are no log files written. But that’s just a gut feeling.