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Hi folks

I just reinstalled the original OS on my Fairphone wit CalyxOS, but the problem is.

Google play says, than I have a rooted device so many apps will not work (Netflix, Bank thinks etc.).

But I can’t lock my bootloader because of the 0 with the command fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability.

I think the issue is, the downloaded OS from Fairph one is not the newest one. I need FP4.TP1X.C.079 but if you download on the fairphone page the fastboot file it’s only the older one 073 with an older secure patch.

Can I find somewhere the 079 or is the only way to wait till fairphone will provide the updated fastboot file.

Thanks mates in advance and greetins
Uncle Algiarept

Hi and welcome to the forum.

@Lars_Hennig may be able to help, making the boot.img available through dropbox, but requested we get in touch through a PM. Since you’re a new member you can’t do that but hopefully Lars will see this post.

Thank you very much for your answer!
I was finally able to solve the problem last night. The displayed 0 does not really matter. As soon as the original Fairphone OS is installed, the bootloader is always locked. I finally simply carried out the update OTA and then asked the gods and locked the bootloader.
Everything went perfectly, if I want to open the bootloader again, I first have to unlock it in the settings.
So a 1 is not really possible with the original Fairphone SO I think.

Its not locked automatically and you can brick your phone by installing FPOS as well, so thats

always important and possible…

So you can enable OEM unlocking in the settings?

Yes, it works great. Just unlock the bootloader in setting with the key from the homepage. Works without any problems.
The gods have been kind to me!

In the end I only got a 1 directly after the fastboot, when I locked the bootloader the phone was bricked.
But then I could open the bootloader again and flash it again. But when I then started the phone properly in the OS and performed an OTA update, it was back to 0.
After many attempts I lost my nerve and according to the motto no risk no fun I locked everything and it worked perfectly.
Now I just have to unlock the bootloader again with the password on the homepage.

get_unlock_ability gets set to 0 once you boot into Android userland (i.e. fully booted) for the first time, you’ll always end up with 0 if you don’t lock the bootloader beforehand, that’s by design (and you will end up with 0 whether you lock it or not).
The difference is, and why this matters, when you lock your bootloader before the first boot you’re still at 1 and if something goes wrong and Android doesn’t boot properly get_unlock_ability doesn’t get set to 0 and you are still able to unlock it again.

You got very lucky here that Calyx wasn’t on the latest version for once and you updated FPOS before locking the bootloader, this could just as easily have been a brick.


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