New support article: How can I transfer my data from a FP1 to a FP2?

There are several ways to transfer your data and settings from a Fairphone 1 to a Fairphone 2. Our dedicated community members share one favorite option with you here.

Yes, you read it well: this is one of the first community generated support articles and we will not stop there!
Read more about the way our community recommends you transfer your data from a Fairphone 1 to a Fairphone 2.
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Hi. There is a simpler way to transfer most data and also keep it backed up continually, by using the GCloud Backup App. Install it on the old phone first, then once it has completed the backup, install it on the new phone, and confirm that you want it to restore the data to that phone.
Even the free version provides enough storage for call logs, text messages, contacts, and some photos.

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Thanks! I’ve added it to the article.