New phone should be shipped by Oct 31, but status: "Rhenus prepare shipment"


I have ordered a new FP2 for a friend (plus other things) in September, and at this time, the Web site said the phone would be ready until 31 Oct. In the end of October, my order status switched to “Rhenus prepare shipment”, but nothing happened since then. I wrote to FP support but haven’t received a reply yet.

Anyone here with the same problem? I just want to know if this is an error (two weeks for “prepare shipment”?), or when the phone could be ready. Wouldn’t have a problem with a delay when I know it, but no reply, no status update on Twitter about deliveries … :confused:

Or anyone who knows what “Rhenus prepare shipment” is and how long it can take?

Did you order a phone with an indigo-coloured case? Then this information should explain the delay:


Rhenus is a company which handles Fairphone shipments.

Yes, I have ordered the indigo case, although the cover color doesn’t really matter in my case.

I haven’t received the email explaining the delay, although it was said:

We will inform all affected clients with a more specific update regarding the production and the reasons of this delay in the coming 10 days. And, if appreciated, I can also share that update here in the forum.

I’ll ask in the other thread, too.

Thanks for your help!

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@j-unique let’s continue this over there to avoid duplicate threads.