New OS for the FP2 - LeOS Android R (11)

Some of you already know LeOS, which is a degoogelised OS. It has mostly GSIs for newer phones, also for the FP3, but on the FP2 you can’t install GSIs. So I am very thankful to @harvey186 having built a ROM for the FP2! It runs Android R with the August security patches. It comes with open Apps (of course no GAPPS are able to run on it), the f-droid store and MicroG for who wants to use it. So cool to have Android 11 on a FP2!
Any lovers of free Android, give it a try!
Download LeOS FP2
Telegram LeOS Chat

If you have any questions, let me know!


It’s in a folder named “LeOS-R-rom–discontinued”. Does this mean it’s a one-off build?

Worth to mention it’s not the only option in this regard … Lineage 18.1 - finally official.


Yes, and /e/ offers also Android 11 for the FP2: e-Android R


Yes, but still beta for now.

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