New FP2 mobile data service do not work

Hey guys,

I just recived my brand new PF2. Today I started the FP2 for the first time. Wifi works without problems, but the mobile data do not work. First steps of solving the problem I allready did:

  • verify mobile data is switch on (in settings --> data-usage–> mobiledata)
    I am not totally sure whether i translated the path correctly from German language)
  • switch off/on the phone (a few times)
  • switch flight mode on/off (few times)
  • since I am using only one SIM card, I changed the slot
  • verify that my SIM card is working correctly (with my old phone)
  • switch from 4G to 3G and back

I am not sure if this information is important but I tried in seetings menu–>wireless and networks–> more–> mobile network–> mobile network provider.
When i am enter this, the phone searches for availabe networks for a long time. Sometimes the phone stops, but most of the time it identify my provider. When i choose this, the seetings menu returns. But in the previous choosen button (mobile network provider) again appear “chose a mobile network provider”.

So if you have any idea please help me. Or should I ask in the support service.
Since it is my first use of a PF2 and I am also not familar with Android 6, I am not experienced with the system.
PS: If I made english language mistakes, please excuse, english is not my mother tonge.

Thank you AnotherElk, but this didnt fixed the problem.

For the fourth point:

When I open this, I cant do anything. There is just the info: "Settings for APN is not availabe for this user. "

So any other ideas? :frowning:

Ok, that’s a problem, you need correct and working APN settings to have mobile data.

It says in this old topic, that you should be able to still add new APN settings with the Plus sign, and then either save them or simply go back, whichever makes the new settings stay.

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Thank you very much. I added a new APN with Name “new” and APN “new”. Now 4G works. So thank you very much. I didnt know this setting before.


It’s lucky your provider allows any APN setting (some do). Which one do you use?

My provider is Lidlmobile (but it shifted to Fonic two years ago). Fonic uses the network of O2. But I have to say that I dont really know what I did in this settings. As I mentioned above, I never had to do any settings in APN. :smiley:

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APN setting usually come pre-set in SIM card. But not always it works that easy, as you experience :slight_smile: Then you ask your provider or the friendly help of this comunity :slight_smile:

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