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Wow, that makes 20+ posts! Impressing…

If anyone asks: fo me, you do! :wink:

Seriously: thanks for testing & giving feedback from my side!

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I find that also irritating. Since I’ve noticed the number for the first time it has never changed - and that was before the shop was closed.
It makes the impression as being designed as a running counter…maybe a note “as of November 1st soandso many devices sold through our shop and to 3rd party vendors.” would help. Plus, why claiming all the customers are happy? Is that ‘happy’ really helping to convince people to buy a Fairphone? To me that is the type of advertisement talk that I usually try to get away from…but maybe I am just a little too grumpy :slight_smile:


An Update!


Another CSS bug, I guess:

Clicking somewhere in the red area leads to the “Did anyone try Wire - the chat videocall app”-thread, rather than the “Buttons pressed randomly”-thread.

I almost thought I need to see the doctors because I couldn’t reach the correct topics in various situation. Could have been a shaking-hand-problem after all… :relieved:

PS.: Seems to be connected to the tags-plugin.

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Connection is insecure
Parts of this site are not secure. These could be i.e. images.

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This is to do with external content being loaded, for example in one-boxed links. Once you load one external image, you’ll keep seeing this message until you reload the forum on a page without external images loaded over non-https connections.
I started logging all the network requests from the forum while browsing, and it took me > 400 requests before I managed to find one that was not encrypted - which was an image in a one box (actually, in one of your posts: here). This is probably intended behaviour; at least there seems to be no issue with the (certificates for) forum components themselves.

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Not connected to the tags-plugin, happens without tags too:

The red area leads to the link below, although it’s above the grey line.

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More than two tags spill out of the header.

PS.: I still don’t like that the topic titles are cut off this way.

Me neither :frowning:
It’s much less user-friendly, according to me

Not a bug, but more of a feature request:

In the shop there’s a picture of numbered FP2 parts - why not make at least the labels (green circles with the numbers) links to the relevant store page?

Or even easier: the list on the left side of the page.

I’m not sure whether this is the right topic, but I tried changing my shipping and billing address today and there seems to be a limit on the amount of letters that you can use in the street address line There is a second street address line, but anything I type here disappears once I save the address. My street name is not even thát long but I could not get my address to be saved correctly.

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Hey Jori, on which page do you experience this issue?

On the adress book page, when I’m logged in in my fairphone shop account. The limit seems to be 20 characters.

When I fill in the form like I did above, the address is saved like this:

And when I want to change it again, the country and the second adress line have disappeared.

Oh and when I want to leave the second adress line empty, I get a message that it is required to fill something in there.

Thank you! I will look into this. In the meanwhile, you can also use

Thank you for helping us!

Hey Urs, just wanted to say this is on the to-do list of the devs. I have no idea why it takes so long… sorry about this.


Banners and the header don’t mix (All the discourse stuff, including the menu, goes behind the banner, the three links float above the banner - shown half-overlapping here to make it more obvious)

Mentioning it here, as it seems linked to the new website styling. Happy to move to any other meta topic if that’s more relevant.


today i noticed that my dropdown menu is behind the banner.

does anyone have the same issue?

When I want to select the Country for my default address in the repairs and return portal of FAIRPHONE it only shows me one blank field to select from. Strange! Anybody experienced the same issue?

Country and language selection may be easyer. Something like that would be great:

Every browser restart (cache clean), I have to select country and langauge long winded via menu.

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