New fairbuds in-ears - firmware update bricks the buds ?!

A new version of the Android app has been approved by Google and published this morning. Please update your app, which then will also allow you to update your Fairbuds safely!

EDIT: if you’re facing some app-connection issues (e.g. battery info not showing, EQ not working) after the firmware update, simply unpair your Fairbuds and re-pair them. This should do the trick! :slight_smile:


Could update the Earbuds safely under Android. I am hoping that it fixes the connectivity issues I had with my Fairphone 3 if there are other signals around. Before it was impossible for me to go to the city while having the phone in the pocket because of constant playback interruptions.

Did anybody else have this issue or is it a sign that the earbuds are not working as they should?

Just experienced an issue with the new Fairbuds connected on Windows 10:
The Buds shut down after some minutes while listening to music. I heared the shutdown sound.
I did not update the buds yet.
@BobVI Is this a known issue?

The disconnect issue is gone after the update, but there is no mic avalable under Windows. So the Buds are not usable as Headset, only as earphones.

The new app update:

P.S.: Permissions added since previous Fairbuds app version:


I’ve tried unpairing and repairing, both via Android’s UI and the app (on an FP5), and also clearing the data for the app, and I seem to not be able to get the actual status back. Am I right in thinking that there’s a separate BLE connection that’s used for getting all this data? I don’t seem to be able to find that device any more, but I might also be entirely misinterpreting things.

Prior to V5.6, the earbuds’ BLE connection had to pair with your phone separately from the main connection. So that’s why you got the pairing prompt everytime you wanted to use the app. This is not the case anymore with V5.6.

However, after updating, it could be that in your phone’s settings, both the main as well as the BLE connection are still paired (making it seem as if 2 Fairbuds are paired). You will need to unpair those both. Then you can re-pair the Fairbuds, after which the app should work as expected again too.

Also, it can take the app a few seconds to actually connect to your BLE connection. So sometimes it requires a bit of patience as well.

If all else fails, try reinstalling the app and factory resetting the buds.


If all else fails, try reinstalling the app and factory resetting the buds.

I am sorry, but are you selling an unfinished product? All of this really feels like testing a prototype or the beta of an unfinished software. Your buds took me forever to set up and update, then the got bricked when updating. I never even tried them. And now that the issue is fixed, you are calmly telling users still having problems to “reinstalling the app” and “factory resetting the buds” as if this was normal procedure. How do you expect customers that aren’t reading this thread to deal with all those issues?
Fairphone is small and has admirable values, but this is very disappointing. It really feels like the launch was ruched in hope that the supporting and eco-conscious consumers wouldn’t mind all the flaws because the batteries can be replaced.
You need to step up your QA or your reputation will crumble.


I understand where you’re coming from, but I just attempted to give a complete troubleshooting answer with multiple steps to try, and the factory reset being the last resort. My assumption is also that everyone who isn’t facing this issue isn’t actively partaking in this discussion. So I can understand that if this thread is your reference, it doesn’t give you a great amount of confidence, especially since you’re one of the users that was affected by the bricking issue.

Obviously, we are also bummed that for some people, this has been the first impression of the product. I hope you’ll come to enjoy the Fairbuds once we sent you a replacement pair soon!


Thanks, doing the factory reset seems to have fixed it (or, well, any number of other potential variables, but that was the new thing I tried), and I’ve now been able to update to the latest firmware. I then had to do another factory reset to make the app properly talk to them (i.e. getting the battery status, etc), but now it seems reliable so far.

(I was also personally fine with using them even without that, so I wasn’t too worried, but it’s good to have them fully working again)


My ticket is from yesterday and support has confirmed that I will receive new ones. How long does it take for new ones to be delivered?

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The Fairbuds app for iOS has also been approved by Apple, and will soon be available on the App Store again. For all iOS users that already previously downloaded the app, please make sure to update the app first before updating your Fairbuds! Thanks all for your patience and constructive comments.

@aphi this is something I can’t tell, I work in the Product team. Please reach out to CS for that :slight_smile:


I can confirm that the new iOS app has successfully updated my Fairbuds.


iOS version 2.0.3 :


I got my replacement within two days. CS was very fast.


I’ve received my replacement buds as well. I created my support ticket in the afternoon and got a reply and a replacement ordered the same day. The replacement shipped the next day.

Firmware update worked without issues with the replacement buds and updated Fairbuds app.
Phone: Fairphone 5 Android 13 build FP5.TT4C.A.154.20240320
App: Fairbuds Version 2.0 that was updated on 15 April 2024
Firmware: Fairbuds Firmware V56

I didn’t have to forget the buds in the phone Bluetooth settings or factory reset them after the update. They automatically re-connected and EQ, battery status, and firmware version info was all read correctly.


I got the new Buds today, exactly one week after creating the ticket at CS. Thank you


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