New display stays black after successfully installing new Fairphone OS (need help in Antwerp-Merksem)

My FP2 is one of the original pre-orders, I was never able to turn on the screen and actually use this phone. First I assumed it could be a display problem, so I received a new display but still no change.

Yesterday I read this article and my spririt was high again as I assumed this could indeed be the solution.

I have been able to sucessfully complete this process, however my screen still remains as black as ever before and the phone still does not boot up.

Any ideas on what could be done next?

Well since you were able to update the OS via fastboot I’d rule out a broken battery or a generally broken main module, so there are two options left: you got another broken display or your main module’s connector is broken.

If there is a group of #fairphoneangels near you they can probably help you determine what is broken by switching modules.
Otherwise you’ll probably have to send the phone in for repair. Here is how you best contact support to get a fast reply.

No #fairphoneangels active yet in Belgium, is what I learn from checking out the map -

Any suggestions-tips on how I can check myself whether “another broken display or your main module’s connector is broken.” are the rootcause of my problem,

so I can rule this out myself before considering sending in the phone for repair?

Where in Belgium are you? We could write something like “can anyone in XY help?” into the topic title. There may not be an angel group yet, but there are surely some helpful Belgians active on the forum. :slight_smile:
Without testing with different modules I don’t think it’s possible to determine which module is broken (unless of course it is visibly obvious).

I am in Antwerp-Merksem -

Do you want me to create a new post for it or can you direct me to some of those active Belgians?

I changed the title and hope they will find you.


No attraction just yet:thinking: OMG, is it me?:laughing:

UPDATE - yesterday evening I went to this local hackerspace and was able to do a test with another FP2 user, where I learned in my troubleshooting mode that:

  1. My screen / display is not the problem, as my display was working perfectly when mounted on the other FP2 phone

  2. Using the working battery of the other FP2 phone , did NOT allow my phone, display to actually work

Thus I assume i can nail my problem down to indeed something with one of the modules or connectors?

@paulakreuzer, any specific idea on which module I just ask for replacement or any other tests I could have done to verify this?

I maintain what I said in the first reply:

except now you ruled out one of the two options.

I’m pretty sure support will ask you to send in the whole phone though anyway.

Hi @paulakreuzer, when you see main module connector, which of these spare parts do I need to order for that exactly:

The core module is not available in the shop. You need to contact support and probably send your phone in.

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