New Display is not working

Just want to say, that the new Display Modul ordered at vireo (in April) and received today (09.09.17) is not working and stays black, when powered. My old damaged display went on immediately so its definitely the new one, thats not working … i am really mad and this was my journey with fairphone. My FP1 died a few weeks ago and no support anymore. My FP2 Display broke and i had to wait half a year to get a new one and it its not working …
sorry this is not fair at all, not at the price i was paying >:-(

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Did you read what they write in the FP shop about the new display?

We are now offering a newer version of the Display module. In order for the replacement to work properly, please make sure your phone is up to date.

If you are able to still update your phone with the broken display you should do so. The older firmwares don’t seem to be able to talk to the new display. I don’t know if there’s a way to update the phone if you cannot do it with the broken display, maybe someone else can help here.


Are you sure its really in its place? It makes a hearable click when it’s in its right position. Just take it off and try it again.

And you have to run the latest OS version.
If not, look here how to update with a black screen:


Display still keeps black. Did the flash update, but display says nothing …

EDIT: seems to be more broken inside i guess. The middle of the phone gets very hot with new display on. So its not the display, sadly. Couldn’t test it since april :frowning:

Are you able to use the old display? How is it broken?

The new batch of displays require new drivers in the firmware as they are no longer the same as the original ones. If you’ve not used your phone since April you won’t have the new drivers installed in the software.

The only way to make it work would be to update the software which you’d have to do manually via the flash/bootloader method


Hello, sadly I have the exact same problem. Ordered a new screen on vireo, it came yesterday (9.9.17) and is also not responding. The old screen is working (though shattered and parts of it not responding to touch) and the latest update is installed.

Update: I tried again, now the display is turning on, but there are alot of flares. The entire screen is bouncing up and down. If you turn the screen off and on it works for awhile and then starts flaring again.

I dropped my phone in July and the display crashed. I ordered a new display on vireo that arrived on 09.09.17. Since the phone was becoming more and more unusable with the broken screen it was not used in the last 6 weeks.
After replacing the screen module everything seemed fine. I charged the battery and used it for a couple hours. In the evening I upgraded the OS on the phone. during the upgrade the display started flickering and moving up and down. Since then this problem appers 2-3 times a day. It seems to be connected to high cpu usage - today the problem occured during an update marathon of apps while using and charging the phone at the same time.

I can support what @mgruen discribes, I have the same or at least very similar problem.

I feel more than sorry… your sharing made me decide to forget wanting to buy a fair phone…
“TROP IS TEVEEL” as we say in Belgium (too much is (far) too much; “TROP” is French & “TE VEEL” is Flemish).
Thanks for sharing and wishing all the best in future.

@dps, your display appears to have issues with heat. You should check if it is properly connected: try detaching it, cleaning connectors, then attaching it again. If that does not help I’d suggest doing a warranty replacement of the display since your phone arguably did not show this behaviour with the old display.

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Same problem here. I received the display for fairphone 2 from vireo few days ago, and the screen does not turn on when powererd; while the old (scratched) screen works.
This is not a fair phone anymore…

Are you running the latest OS version?
The new displays require a version that was released in or after August; see the post above by Irina (click the arrow top-right above the quote to jump to the full post):



I had to change my display on FP2 (the old one is broken).
Additionally I have added thw two new camera modules.

However, when I want to activate the phone the display remains black.
The charging LED is working, also sometimes the vibra when pressing the power button or volume down.

If I connect the old display then at least it has power supply (though there is no clear graphic as it is broken). It seems like the new display has no power.
Did I forget something?

Or is the new display also broken?

Thank you,

Just searching the forum beforehand. Your post was moved here as this topic contains the solution in the 3rd and 4th post (which I now marked as solution so it’s found easier).


Hey there,

indeed, it is working perfectly :slight_smile:

Thank you.


My new display did the same until I installed all the updates onto phone
and then it worked
Good luck

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