New color for Backcover!

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I just wanted to share with you some pictures of my new “business look” backcover. I got inspired by one guy in the german fairphone facebook community, who painted the frame of his Fairphone in white.

Since I wanted to have a more subtle color than the available ones, I bought a can with a grey, matte color. My basic idea was to make the letters in red, but since the color does not last on the silver letters I just removed the color completly with a small screwdriver.

I am still not sure if I like the result (colourwise!), nonetheless I was just surprised how easy it was to change the color of the backcover. In total it took about 20 minutes. So if you don’t like the colors of the existing backcovers just change them!

Of course no longterm experience so far if the color is going to last, but I will let you know.

Customise cover with stickers

Looks amazing :+1:
Surprisingly well match with the sky blue buttons, although it seems obvious that it would look very good with the black ones as well.

This could really meet the calls from those who have been asking for a dark and more serious tone in absence of a black case.

P.S.: What was this case’s original colour? The hue now seems to include a tiny touch of green.


Original color of the backcover was indigo.

I guess the green hue is just caused by the lightning. :bulb:

Let’s see how scratch resistence the color is. I hope it’s going to last because I want a real red backcover as well.


I like the new look very much.
I have a transparent cover and I simply peeled the shiny letters off. They are made of some sort of foil and can be removed by gently using a cutter knife to loosen one edge. Take extreme care of the surface to not leave marks …


Excellent idea, and it looks fantastic. Guess I’ll be paying the hobby shop a visit this weekend. Is the Tamiya paint at all flexible?


Sorry, no idea if the color is flexible. So far I see no cracking in the color and I hope that it stays that way.


You used TS, but there are also PS and TS, AS, X and XF as types of paint.
I can’t really find out, what the differences are just that TS is normal acryl paint and PS is specialized for flight models (whatever that means … maybe more flexibel?)
Does anyone knows something about that stuff?


X = Acrylic coating colour glossy
XF = Acrylic coating colour matte
AS = Acrylic spray paint especially for model aircraft
TS = acrylic spray paint
PS = Polycarbonate “Lexan” Spray paint

But what this really means … I don’t know


So how is your newly colored backcover doing so far?
Did you use a ground coat?


Actually I did not use a ground coat.

The color itself lasts very good on the backcover, there are no cracks in the paint. Unfortunately it is not very scratch resistence, so you can mark the color with your fingernail.


Thanks for your reply.
I found this website:

So it might be a good solution to use ground coat then maybe the AS color, because it’s more flexible and finish it off with clear lacquer (against scratches).
3 cans needed for one little back cover :sweat_smile:


According to the Paint and Body Handbook by Don Taylor and Larry Hofer (it’s an excerpt on GoogleBooks), there are Flex Agents used to make the paint flexible on parts that use to bend.
On page 101 there is a list how to paint plastic body components (of toys / models i guess), differentiated by the type of plastic.
If one wants to make it perfect, my guess would be to take this road or a likewise one.

And here is for an explanation of giving the part a protective clear coating:


Thanks for the advice!

Now I guess I’ll have to move on, won’t I? :grin: If I can find some time this weekend, I’ll probably buy clear coat.

I’ll let you know!