New camera module, since when built in


I have a question concerning the camera module, and haven’t found a thread to that topic yet:
How can I find out if I have the new camera module or the old one built in? (front and back)

I mean do you know from what date on the new module was built in the smartphones?
I bought my new smartphone last year.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Either take the phone apart to see what’s written on the modules or simply go to Settings > About phone and see what it says there (provided you are running FP OS or FP Open OS).
Or - just for the main camera module - look at the back of your phone. The new camera module has a white line between lens and flashlight.


Ah ok thanks a lot! Yes it has a white line :slight_smile: . And do I have than the new front module automatically too? Was it built in simoultaneously or later?

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Both new cameras (12 MP main camera in the camera module + 5 MP selfie camera in the top module) were introduced simultaneously at IFA 2017 in Berlin at the turn of August to September 2017.


It says “camera”, but I’m pretty sure back then they made the switch to the new top module, too.

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Thank you for all replies!

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