Will the new camera module be in the new FP2 batches?

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I bought a FP2 on June, expected to ship by 31 october, and I was wondering if it will have the new camera module, or if I will have to buy it separately. I would prefer to get the phone directly with the upgrade, because otherwise I will find myself with an useless old camera module…

Probably yes. As I understand, all phones delivered from today on will come with the new module.

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From what I have been told by @Douwe, all FP2s that are delivered from now on will definitely come with the new camera modules already installed.

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Not that clear in the interview with BvA on Facebook. 4’30, the phones orederd:

  • in the last couple of weeks
  • Recently

@chrisse thank you for the link to Facebook page. I myself do not use that social network. Hopefully in the comments in another post some people that ordered in may ask the same question as me, and the answer was that their fairphones will ship with the new camera module, so I guess everyone at least from may will get the new module.

Anyway I would love if any Fairphone staff member could confirm this in the forum.
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(English summary: Somebody ordered in beginning of May, received 2.5 weeks ago, no new camera module, slightly disappointed. No, it is not me :wink: )

I think that’s normal: they couldn’t add this new module 2,5 weeks before it was announced. They have to draw a line/set a date, and this will always mean people falling just out of the “lucky group”…


yeah, sadly there is always going to be a line somewhere…

FP2 Pre-sale orders promised to be delivered by Mid August will feature the old camera. Orders delivered by Mid September and later feature the new camera.


Thank you, it is good to know that!!

Yes, I understand @AnotherElk disappointment, but I also understand Fairphone need to have a line between the old modules and the new ones…Maybe they’ll let you get the modules with a discount or something!

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Thanks for the concern, but I was just giving a little English summary of the German comment I linked to, I personally am not disappointed, I’m in line with Fairphone in this matter :wink: .

Oh, so that was not you! I am sorry, I cannot speak German!! :joy:

Thank you for your answer. Will the New Life Fairphones also feature the new camera?

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Sadly not, the refurbished phones still have the old camera.

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