Network connection stops working

Hi there.
For two days now my FP2 stops having connection to the mobile network while others have perfect connection around me. Wifi is working. After a restart the network is on again but tends to go away after some time. Switching flight mode on and off does not help. i use only one sim.

Does anybody have an idea what this could be and how to fix ist?
Thanks in advance!

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I have this too - during three different calls this morning it just cut out.

I tried: Rebooting, removing and replacing battery and sim, moving to a different area, turning airplane mode on and off, but no conclusive fix.

I’m in the UK on TPO/EE with no reported network issues in my area.

Hopefully it’s a temporary thing!

Can you both @RobVer & @CW23a try to turn off location services and check if it is getting better?

I am not sure, but since a few days many people reported similar issues, and it seems it could be connected with location services. See also for example here.
I am just curious if this could be connected.



I am experiencing the same issues.
I get locked out of my sim card every couple of hours, and can not use apps such as snapchat or pokemon go without having the sim card locking again.

Thank you for the suggestion - next time it happens (at the moment it’s connected fine), I’ll try that and let you know.


Hi Fraibadschwimmer. I need the location service - at least during labour hours. I changed the sim slots in the meantime. So far that works. Allthough I am not very happy with that workaround.

In the other thread I posted the following:

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Could somebody merge these two threads, please?

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So, it just dropped out again on a call, and I toggled the location services off and on again (via the swipe-down grey shortcut menu - not sure of it’s technical name)…and it started working.

Strange. But @RobVer you might find it helpful if you want to keep gps running.

The way I understand the workaround is not that toggling on/off helps, but to set the location services to energy saving, or to turn it off (if you don’t really need them).
Hopefully it works then, as numerous affected users reported.

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@paulakreuzer @Johannes @Stefan
And could this someone please also wikify the first post, as it seems there are two possible workarounds available.

I created a new thread as wiki, so everyone can edit it and the workarounds are not hidden and scattered anymore in different threads. Please add to it and edit it! Thanks.


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Thanks for all the reply. Today in the morning it happened again. So the issue is not linked with the sim card slot. Connection failed after I received a facebook messenger message. When I clicked the message the FP2 rebooted. After the reboot connection did not come back. Toggling the location service on and off did not help. So I had to reboot again.This time I witnessed a flickering screen but connection came back and lasts so far.

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