Netflix on CalyxOS with Fairphone 4

Hi all

I was wondering if there is a solution to run Netflix on a Fairphone 4 device running CalyxOS. Im very new on CalyxOS (and very happy with it) and its not a big deal not being able to run it on Calyx. But if someone knows a solution I would appreciate it much. Otherwise maybe someone is willing to explain why its not possible.

Thank you all

Which issues are you experiencing? How did you try to access Netflix? On Chromium, an ad for using the app is displayed when I am trying to start a stream. I tested the Netflix app (Aurora store) on CalyxOS and streams are playing fine there. Playing downloads is working fine as well.

Edit: tried playing a stream in Chromium using Desktop mode and having “Play protected content” activated as before. Then, no ad for the app is displayed, but the stream fails with a notification to check whether playing protected content is activated (chrome://settings/content/protectedContent).

Edit 2: similar results for Desktop mode and DRM/protected content enabled on other Chromium distributions (tested Opera and MS Edge) and on Firefox and Firefox Focus, each with different error codes.


Thank you very much for your reply. Well, if I try to open the app from aurora store, it loads the netflix logo and thats it. After a while Ill get an error message. I tried different browsers as well, but with the same result as you: error messages.
May I ask you what settings youre using? I have microg activated, device profile automatic and google safety net deactivated. I tried multiple settings (I guess every variation) but nothing helps. I would love to have the app working, so that I can download movies.

Might this cause the problem?


For me, that does not seem to be the case, as Google Safteynet is deactivated on my device, too (in all profiles), and the Netflix app is working fine.

I do not remember though whether I had it activated on first use of the app or not, so maybe it was worth a try to activate it and reinstall, if not already tried, to see if something changes.

Apart from that, I have microg activated and allowd notifications for Netflix.

One other remark: I run the app in the work profile to isolate it a bit more from personal data (and freeze it using shelter if need be, not trusting this kind of software), but no idea whether that has any impact.

Hey Volker
Unfortunately, it doesnt make a difference wheter I turn it on or off. I tried both ways…

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Hey cosmic
Thats really strange. I tried it like you recommended; I reinstalled the app with microg activated / deactivated. Also, I tried to install it in the work profile… but no success so far…