Netflix on CalyxOS with Fairphone 4

As mentioned, for me none of the OSs worked with Netflix until I relocked my bootloader.

My bootloader is locked too :confused:

I am on iodéOS 4.x and my bootloader is unlocked and netflix and my health insurance app (very strict) both do work.

I currently have the DenyList feature in use and use the Universal SafetyNet Fix module, but my device does not pass SafetyNet Check. If I use MagiskHide Props to change my device fingerprint, I pass the SafetyNet checks, but the apps won’t start anymore. Some weeks before, I had to change the fingerprint, elsewhise the apps wouldn’t work. So maybe try to reset to the original FP4 fingerprint, if you were playing around with this.

Thank you max_o. My device is not rooted tho. Im really courious what´s causing my issue…

You could get an app like YASNAC from the PlayStore to check the SafetyNet attestation of your device. Maybe you will get some useful hints about what’s going wrong.

edit: Sorry, just read the old comments now. Did you try and activate SafetyNet again since the last updates? Does your device gets an testation error?

No worries. I appreciate your help! I can pass the SafetyNet tests. Played around with it too (enabled / disabled), but no luck to get the app running. Looks like an DRM issue…

looks to me like a drm issue as well.
yesterday i launched the app with logcat running and got the 503.-172 again.
i think major important lines are around 310-311 and 433

the log:

Off topic, but… Assuming you’re on eOS, 48MP works only with stock ROM. Here a link for the issue, but also many post concerns about: FP4 - camera output is limited to 12MP when sensor and stock is 48MP (#4714) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Will other custom roms besides eOS shoot photos in 48M? Or is stock the only rom that can do that?

Ad far as I know, only stock ROM. But next weeks eOS version 1.9 could solve, as it brings FP4 firmware update

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So idk when it happened but its fixed now for me without changing anything on the os or bootloader state.

apart from updating os and apps.

so maybe you should give it a shot again @Yun

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I have installed LineageOs 20.0 (Android 13) with MicroG.
Some apps a a bit picky in security like Netflix. To fix this use Magisk.

Download latest version of Magisk. 25.2 at this moment.

Install Magisk

If Magisk is installed and working well, go to settings and enable ZyGisk and hide Magisk.

Install F-droid, if it is not installed.
find the package: Fox’s Magisk Module Manager
Use this to find these modules:
liboemcrypt disabler (specially for Netflix);
MagiskHide Props Config;
Universal SafetyNet Fix.
You might have to use MagiskHide Props to select a ’ better’ fingerprint (see).

Then in Magisk again: Go to settings (do ‘not’ enforce Denylist), but Configure Denylist.
Find Netflix and all other apps that are ‘misbehaving’ :wink:

Everything is working well here. Netflix too. Even with an open Bootloader.

@cosmic, Widevine should be supported on anything but pure Chromium and niche derivatives. Firefox especially. That seems like an OS-level failure or deliberate omission.

For some reason I can’t use Fox’s Magisk Module Manager. It simply won’t open. Any ideas, why this happens or how it can be fixed?

Download and install the Manager from their github releases page.

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