Netflix app on FP Open OS

Good evening,
I downloaded Netflix from Aurora Store (Play store apps client) but when trying to open the app, it says:

So I clicked the Learn More button, and like Netflix Support said, I downloaded an older version of Netflix (4.16).
But in this version, there’s no Offline Function, which for me the most useful function because I’m watching Netflix shows in the transports (without WiFi)…
Does anyone have a solution for that problem?



4.16 indeed seems outdated. Using an FP3 and a Huawei Mate 9 I only see version 7.48.0 …
I myself do not use Netflix but my girlfriend told me, that downloading and offline watching should work in the recent netflix app (not tested, since she watches movies at home only).

I can imagine that, as your OS is rooted resp. is rootable so Netflix (including offline function) is on purpose not running on it. A similar reason (that the app does not consider the device safe and so does not run on it) you might find e.g. here.

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@s99h @Volker Okay thanks for your replies, but is there a way to fix this? Maybe there are Netflix client apps (like NewPipe for YouTube)…

@s99h As I said, I first downloaded the 7.48.0 version, but it told me that it’s not available for this device. However, when I was using FP OS, it was working, I was able to download shows and movies from home, to watch them offline. In FP Open OS, probably because of the absence of Google Services, it doesn’t work, and I had to download an oldest version where Download function doesn’t exist yet. (4.16)

No DRM present = no offline Netflix. Some background knowledge:


Here’s more on DRM on Fairphone Open OS …


Okay. Now I get it. DRM is a protective function for Netflix and others services.

  • On non-rooted devices, the Download function works and the shows are protected because the user doesn’t know the path to access the video files.
  • On a rooted phone, the Download feature can’t work safely because the user can find the files in the system file, and send it to those who don’t have a Netflix account.
    Am I right?
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It’s not about hidden paths but about encryption and key storage on your device. Content providers don’t want you to get hold of private keys that let you decrypt video streams when and how you like. Therefore those keys are hidden from you in areas of device storage which you can’t access (at least not without root permission).
I think that’s dumb, though. On my PC I naturally have root permission and may watch DRM protected streams. This mobile-phone-lockdown thing is BS at its best.

Can you download them to watch them offline?

Nope. But does the app even start when detecting root? It could just disable said feature and just work.

Yeah! The app works! But without the offline Download function. And the protection is only for the Download feature, so thats normal you can use Netflix even on a rooted PC or cell.

Ah, fine. For me the app wouldn’t even start. Thought that would be by design.

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