Near field (proximity) sensor not working after display replacement


I’ve replaced my display (was cracked) and daughterboard (mic wasn’t working) and back cover.
It is all working fine except the near field (proximity) sensor: when i call someone or receive a call, the display goes black. I cannot hang up, i have to remove the battery to hang up.
When i was refastening the motherboard i noticed that there was a little bit of tension in the part that is covered with orange tape. I did not remove that tape (like the ifixit manual said). It was a bit tricky to get all the white guides in the right spot, but i got them all. But it seems like the taped part is a little bit too thick to fit behind the motherboard. I suspect that it was not put in quite the right place in the factory.
Also, my speaker will sometimes vibrate a bit when it gets loud, as if it is not embedded quite tightly enough.

What can i do to fix this?

Take the phone apart again and reassemble it. That sometimes helps. If it doesn’t, you could try to find an app, which disables the proximity sensor.