Name contest for the new OS is over

We’re on the brink to release Fairphone OS without Google Services!

But we do not have a proper naming scheme for our favorite new Operating System…
{insert joke about late delivery here}

Here on the forum we’ve used Fairphone OS without Google Services, Fairphone Open Source OS and FPOSOS (which makes our operating system sound like a Greek island). And we are happy with none of them…

Dear community, can you help us?

We have a Fairphone OS that comes with every Fairphone 2 from the factory. And we will soon have a Fairphone OS you can download and install yourself and has some clear differences from the default OS. The biggest difference is that one has Google Mobile Services and the other one hasn’t.

How should we call them to make it easy for everyone, here on the forum and for those talking to support, to distinguish the two?

Gives us your best shot and who knows; maybe our OS’s will be christened with a name you came up with!


The most obvious name would be “Fairphone OS with Google” and “Fairphone OS without Google”. Or, we could name it “default Fairphone OS” and “naked Fairphone OS”.

How about:

  • Fairphone Empire (with Google) vs
  • Fairphone Rebellion (without Google)


  • Fairphone trunk vs
  • Fairphone root

or simply

  • Fairphone closed vs
  • Fairphone open

Autonomous Fairphone OS (aFOS)

I happen to love the name FROG, but admittedly, I cannot add a meaning to it consisting of four words :wink:


Fairphone Release Omitting Google :wink:


… vs. FRIG – Fairphone Release Including Google


NONGOS - Non Google OS

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I would recommend not to assign a new fourth name, as many users nevertheless tend to use the name they already have used… so a fourth name would make discussions even more confusing (and I don’t think that is what you want).
by the way: what’s the problem with Greek islands? :blush:


Maybe “OFOS” (Open Fairphone OS)?

But I also agree with the existing “FPOSOS” (Fairphone Open Source OS). Maybe shorter “FOSOS”?

:frog:FROG” (Fairphone Release Omitting Google) from @urs_lesse/@merci sounds quite nice and there is already an Emoji for the forum.

  • NON-GOOGLE OS (Makes it pretty obvious)
  • GRAPHEME OS (Google Removed Android Phone … a wordplay on “Alphabet”)
  • SYME OS (An unperson! Can you figure out who? To remind us to stay in the “middle” of usefulness and freedom and hopefully allow both.

I’m not against google, but I really would prefer an OS without their Mobile Application Distribution Agreement restrictions.

** “Orthodoxy is unconsciousness” “He believed in the principles of Ingsoc, he venerated Big Brother, he rejoiced over victories, he hated heretics, not merely with sincerity but with a sort of restless zeal, an up-to-dateness of information, which the ordinary Party member did not approach. Yet a faint air of disreputability always clung to him. He said things that would have been better unsaid, he had read too many books, he frequented the Chestnut Tree Cafe, haunt of painters and musicians”

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I second that FPOSOS is the most practical way.

I have another idea though: Why not name FPOSOS versions after countries? E.g. FPOSOS Austria ( :wink: ) FPOSOS Belgium, FPOSOS Canada…

Or programmers: FPOSOS Alexandrescu, FPOSOS Berners-Lee, FPOSOS Cox

Or famous scientists: FPOSOS Aristotle, FPOSOS Bohr, FPOSOS Copernicus…


I agree. This discussion should have been started earlier.
I feel the same way about B2G / Firefox OS
On the other hand a catchy name introduced before the first release can probably overcome the other names.

@Douwe I guess you are referring to Knossos which is actually not an Island but an archeological site on Crete.

Frog is great. I could also imagine Fox, Flamingo or Opossum.
Or Fossa: Fairphone Open Source System Android

Or short: Noogle! :smiley:


I would like to suggest:
FOSSI - the Fairphone Open Source operating System with Integrity


FROG would probably override any earlier names just because it’s funny but not ludicrous, it sounds nice, is easy to pronounce also for non-native english speakers, it’s easy to type, it has a decent meaning (fairphone release omitting google). and it should come with a dedicated ringtone *), of course. also, we would need another color for the back cover in addition to the ones we have in the shop.

for future iterations of the fairphone OS: there are many amphibians and reptiles that could lend their names to FP…

*) example tiny frog, but there are a lot more around with CC license…


:laughing: I like Noogle! This could be the new standard question in the help section: “Which system do you run? Google or Noogle?”


I think discussion could have started earlier but it’s never too late.
Lot of products have a “development name” and a different “release name”. So it’s still in time.
I’d prefer a less “nerdy” name than FPOSOS so “frog” sounds very promising to me :slight_smile:.
I just think it’s important that name discussion does not further delay release date…! :wink:


yes, as @Irina_Spitznagel said: that’s really fun. no explainer necessary to let people know what you’re talking about. there’s a drawback, however: it would define the fairphone OS mainly by telling people what it is not, and that comes at the cost of putting your own identity into the background. so we already have several noogles around like sailfish, cyanogen etcetera. it rather qualifies a class, or category, of operating systems. too bad…


What about Googleless OS.

Opossum sounds nice to me, but would it make hard for Fairphone on the New Zealand market, because for some reason they don’t see a little cute animal in them. :yum:

Fossa sounds also great but would also remind me that “foss” (norwegian: “waterfall”) is a male noun and therefore the suffix -a is wrong, but that being a very specific personal problem, it is still my favourite.

(or we backronym FROG as “Fairphone Ruling Over Google” or “Fairphone Rid Of Google” :sunglasses:)