My touchscreen is getting continous interrups

This morning my touchscreen started to act on its own as if I was constantly pressing numerous parts of the screen, even though the phone was steady on its own laying screen-up. This is the first time this has occurred. I have experienced other problems with my screen, such as inaccessible sectors on the “left-margin”, but this thing here seems not to be directly related.
Now I’ll see if borrowing my wife’s screen helps.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Having had the locked and passive for 3-4 hours the FP2 “recovered” entering the normal state (with its lasting illnesses). Prior to todays intense touchscreen activities I left my phone charging through the entire night. This is not normal procedure - rather a few hours a day. Have you encountered similar incidents please do advice me.

There are some troubleshooting hints in the first post here …

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