My slim cover has cracks already

My transparent cover which I got as a replacement for the cracked one (from one of the faulty batches) now has identical cracks. I guess there’s something wrong with that material, although I admit that the replacement lasted significantly longer than the first one.

I won’t ask for replacement again because I don’t want to produce more waste. I’m using my beloved old blue cover for now which is sturdy as a rock (and has survived many falls).


I thought about creating a new thread about the quality of the new slim covers.
I bought four, first the red one, then the indigo, after that one transparent, one black translucent.
The transparent broke right away as the phone fell down, the black transucent cracked while opening the case the third time to prevent the device from rebooting and changing the akku.
The red one andthe indigo are older and seem to be of a higher quality than the transparent and the black translucent. I opened the case often to change the akku, which doesn’t bring me over one day.
I like the translucent and transparent cases more, but don’t waste again my money for it.
I think the cover should endure the procedure of opening regularely the case as long the akku is not strong enough for one day normal use.


You’re right about the quality concerns regarding the newer cases, and there are indeed use cases for which the battery doesn’t last a day, I know that.

But, even if just for practical reasons, you could consider using a power bank. It’ s so much easier than switching batteries, and you don’t have to turn off and open the phone.


You are right with the powerbank and I’m using one if possible, but it’s one item more to carry, while the second akku found its place in my phone case. And normally it’s no problem to open the back case.

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I used for a very long time this self printed cover: Fairphone 2 3D printed casings available

To “uncover” the phone it was easy to slide the backcover down, maybe an option?


There’s a lengthy statement from Fairphone on the problems with the new transparent cases:

TLDR: Replacements as default, refund as option.


I have the same problem on my new transparent slim (a crack, only took the cover off and on twice), Fairphone support offered me the voucher, that has been linked here, too.

But there is a drawbacK: It’s a voucher, so you get a discount. But the slim transparent is not sold onymore (offically “out of stock”). I bought the cover extra, so for everyday use I can go back to my original coral blue. But I bought the transparent for the looks of it…

Not if the posting above yours is right. And as it is by a FP official (the original posting is by @Monica.Ciovica) , it really should be:

So you could get a refund and I guess, you even won’t have to return your transparent cover as that would mean additional cost for handling on FPs side.

Yes, when filling in the form they tell you that may recycle the cover locally. So far haven’t tried to get the refund. I wonder how they would handle the VAT issue (when I ordered the cover I could enter my VAT ID, but when I ordered the phone that system was down so I had to pay the (higher) Dutch VAT.

My transparent case lasted seven months - but now it has so many cracks it will soon fall apart. I was happy to accept a free replacement, which will be the 5th case I’ve had … The parts count is now:

  1. new rubber cover (warranty)
  2. new battery and bottom module (warranty)
  3. new screen (paid for)
  4. whole new phone with slim cover (warranty)
  5. new screen (paid for)
  6. new bottom module (paid for - it failed but paying was easier)
  7. new battery (paid for)
  8. new cover (paid for - a button came adrift which I could live with but wanted the see through one)
  9. new cover (warranty)

I worry about Fairphone staying in business with all these replacements! But I still love the phone and its ethos (especially with android 7 - what a bonus!)


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