My slim cover has cracks already

Can people find the SKU number of their slim case anywhere else than the plastig bag it came in? Is it included in their ordering emails?

Hi Urs,
Yes they can, in the invoice next to the product name.


Just one reminder of my earlier suggestion: Anyone who gets a replacement case please offer the case rim you no longer need to others. Fairphoners with red and turquoise cases might love the opportunity to fit those with black buttons for a visual change! :slight_smile: Of course, this applies to those who had opaque slim case replacements, too.

Maybe this is a (non-commercial) business for Fairphone Angel Heavens as well.


Same problem here: my new transparent cover didn’t last 3 weeks.
Thank you for acknowledging the problem!

My original cover with rubber edging came apart - so, I bought a new clip-together cover. The old one is of no use to anyone.

… and another one bites the dust …

Transparent slim-cover with cracks at both lower edges and from the side to the power switch.

For the record: I’ve already owned

  1. a translucent blue cover (thick version) - broken & replaced under warranty
  2. a translucent black cover (thick version) - broken & replaced under warranty
  3. s solid back cover (thick version) - still works, but I changed to
  4. a blue slim-cover - still works
  5. a transparent slim-cover - broken & about to be replaced under warranty
    so for now it’s back to cover number 4, until this is fixed.
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I have the exact same problem… Manipulated once to put it on, never fell down or suffered in any way and it has cracked at the corner exactly like yours… :disappointed_relieved:

I have now a black translucent cover from a new batch (with a different coating) and it seems to be more stable and no cracks for now.
It’s only a few days, but with one out of the first batch, the cracks were already there.
Fingers crossed!


Can you elaborate a bit – what’s the “different coating” like? Has it got a different haptic touch? Does the surface feel different?

It’s a bit darker and smoother, I would say.
It’s like the old coating made the plastic more “dried out” and fixed, this one feels a bit “wettish” and flexible.
Maybe this helps :smile:


:de: Hier wird in Berlin der einfache, schwarze Rahmen für ein Slim Case gesucht (die Lautstärketaste ist abhanden gekommen): Vielleicht kann ja ein*e Berliner Fairphoner*in mit kaputtem Case einen solchen Rahmen spenden, damit die gute Frau nicht gleich das ganze Case neu kaufen oder gar die Lautstärketaste aufwendig neu drucken lassen muss. UPDATE: Wie u.a. hier zu sehen, gibt’s jetzt schon freundliche Geister, die zur Stelle sind. Ich schätze, weitere Rahmenangebote braucht’s nicht mehr. :de:


Ich hätte noch einen Rahmen übrig, würde ihn verschenken, hab aber kein Twitter :slight_smile:


Hello Monica,
I have exactly the same problem: cracks in the same corners than the people that has posted the pictures but the SKU number of my phone doesn’t match the ones in that link… what can I do?? I got my phone one month and one week ago.
Thank you!

Mine looks exactly the same!!
Did you get any answer?

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I think you can contact support and explain your problem, even if your SKU number doesn’t match. I got a new case for a month now without any crack, maybe yours has some kind of weakness?

If your case didn’t have any particular stress, complete the form worth a try in my opinion…


Even if the SKU does not match, you can still contact our Customer Support. Just use this form: and include the case pictures as well in the request.
Best, Monica


as @Monica.Ciovica suggested, I filled in a form online in the support center and they sent me a new cover…
I really appreciated the quick solution of the problem!


First off all I was really exited about the new slim covers! It’s like the first covers, that you can proudly show the inside tech of the phone!

But it seems this material is a lot more fragile or not as though as the non transparent ones…
4 family members have a fairphone 2 (!) and myself have non transparent covers (I had one for more then 6 months, some of them have them almost 2 years now). They are still fine.
When I got the transparent one, in 3 weeks I got the first cracks and it slowly is deteriorating as it crumbles piece by piece…

Is this something more people experience with the transparent slim covers?

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I have the same Issue with the new transparent cover.