My phone does not recive some SMS

I have a strange problem. Lost messages. Some sms from different people are not recived on my phone (FP3+). I never got them, but people showed me printscreens from their phones and they have this messages sent.
There is no rule - sometimes I got mesages from that people, but from time to time not. It looks really random.
I have contacted my carrier - and they checked that twice - they say no problem on their site. I have changed SIM card - and it still happens.
I use Google app for messages. Guy in a phone shop suggested that it looks like a problem with device. What do you think? What else I can do with that situation?

The first thing I would do is look in “Spam and blocked” in the SMS app. You get there from the Hamburger menu logo in the SMS app.

The second thing I’d try is to get a person you know where you know delivery has failed to send you an SMS message with SMS delivery reports enabled. If the message is marked as being delivered, it is a problem with your phone. If not, then it’s a network issue.


Have you maybe enabled RCS?


RCS initially enabled, but subsequently disabled with no change.
It turns out that the problem was with the telco, a large backlog of SMS arrived about a week late


So nothing in a spam, RCS not enabled, so probably the phone is the problem:(
Thank you everybody for advices!

Hey, I had that problem too !
I don’t really trust SMS for that reason anymore. I only use them for verification now (and that is reliable).

One month ago someone reportedly sent me several messages, one of them not showing at all. Another was delayed for several minutes before arriving – I had already sent “i didn’t get any message” and then it suddenly appeared above my message. A third one arrived but the message was shown under those automated “SMS verification” under some other sender ID. All the while there were other messages making it, just some of them didn’t.

Then some days later, didn’t receive any of the messages reportedly sent from another correspondant.

FP3 with latest A13. On Google Message. No Google Account on it. RCS was enabled the first time, then I had disabled it by the second incident. Nothing in the spams.

I blamed RCS the first time, and then the second I just assumed they got the number wrong.

Did you have an iPhone in the past? Then maybe you are still registered to iMessage. If this applies to you, you can deregister it.


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