SMS not received from some contacts since a week

My wife & I have a FP3, but a different carrier. We have the same OS version and the same Google Messages version #. Since approx a week, she no longer receives SMS from some contacts (that includes me), but her messages are still received by these contacts !
She had enabled RCS a few weeks ago (I never did), but has now disabled it to t’shoot: makes no change. She tried restarting the phone, using an alternate SMS app: no difference.
(the alternate SMS app shows the same message history, meaning it accesses the same SMS database…)
At this point we have no clue, but it’s pretty annoying because she no longer receives important SMS from e.g. pay parking systems etc.
We have logged an incident with the carrier, but it’s a low-corst operator with no live support desk and haven’t received an answer yet.
At this point we have absolutely no clue and don’t know how to proceed to solve the issue: it it a carrier, a SIM, an OS, a database problem or an accidentally misconfigured setting (user error) ???

Thanks for giving us clues…

I suggest that you try to work out if it is the phone or the network. Sorry, I haven’t a clue what RCS is.

Can you take your wife’s SIM out of your phone and put it into another phone (maybe your FP3 as it has two SIM slots) to see if you can receive texts on your phone using her network?

Another thing to look at is on her phone, have you checked her SPAM and Blocked folder? From messages, you press the 3 horizontal bars and on my A11 FP3 its the third option down. This option should probably be the first thing to try so please read this paragraph first :wink:

Good luck.


RCS appears to be a new messaging protocol. Implementation might be a bit bumpy at first, frankly I’d avoid it until it’s become a solid norm. People who want to send rich text should use e-mail in my opinion :roll_eyes:

In addition to TW8punk’s suggestions I recommend you make sure you didn’t disable Google Carrier Services (check in the list of all apps under settings).

Yes, all the SMS apps you install will share the same Android messages database. The same principle applies to phone calls history, contacts etc. - with some variations I hasten to add …


ok will try these solutions carefully when she’s back from work. We already looked for spam or blocked items but didn’t find any, we’ll look again.
NB: I’m not familiar with a 2 SIM config, how are SMS message for each distinguished ?

Interesting. Wonder if mobile networks will charge extra for it as they do with the hugely expensive MMS which hardly anyone uses anymore?

Speaking as an Android 11 user : Where a message originates isn’t apparent until you open it. On replying to a message you will see a 1 or 2 next to the smiley button, if you touch that number, you get a choice of what SIM to send from, but unhelpfully that choice disappears as soon as you start typing. Thanks Google !

There is a flaw in that when an SMS happens to come through at phone start time, FP3 may incorrectly describe where that SMS originated from. If you reply it will be sent using the wrong SIM too unless you notice before you start typing. As you are only moving your wifes SIM temporarily, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hope you resolve this.

So with my wife’s SIM in slot#2 of my own FP3, it appears that I still can send SMS from her SIM, but not receive (at least from some contacts - hard to verify at this time)
Is it safe to conclude that the problem is the SIM or the telco ?
Of course, the telco still hasn’t replyed to the incident logged about 2 days ago. :rage:

Are the SIM’s of the same age?
It could be that the SIM of your wife is to old.

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I eventually managed to reach the telco support desk, after 2 quick questions, the decision tree of the helpdesk person decided that a replacement SIM is the solution…we’ll see in 2 days …fingers crossed…

just for the fun…without any further action on our side (and before the new SIM arrives), all of a sudden, all backlog SMS messages came in yesterday evening, in 2-3 waves.
I guess the telco actually had unadvertised server problems…much unnecessary hassle on our side !
At first glance, the only messages that came in during the “blackout” period of 1+ week were RCS messages (when RCS was enabled on the phone - we disabled RCS at some point during the t’shoot process and not a single msg came in from that point on); my understanding is that RCS uses not only a different protocol, but also different servers.


RCS shouldn’t play a part here. It’s not used unless the other party also has it enabled

In general, I’d say contacting the telco is the first step. I had a friend that couldn’t text another friend, they contacted the telco and they could figure out what was wrong on their end. After that it worked flawlessly.

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