My phone does not accept incoming calls from a networked number

I have noticed that people at work have not been able to get hold of me from time to time. Having now examined the issue a bit more closely I have determined that my phone accepts calls from other mobiles and domestic landlines etc, but when someone calls me from a landline at work (all of which are networked and have internal numbers) the line just goes dead and does not connect. If you input the international dialling code from one of the same landline phones however, it will connect. Clearly I can’t get all the other 4000 people in my organisation to use is work around for my convenience, so how do I get the handset to take all incoming calls? This is a UK’s network btw. Please help, otherwise I will have to ditch the FP and go back to a conventional phone from work! :frowning:

I don’t see how the FP itself could be the cause of this because it doesn’t specify where calls come from etc. but who knows! My initial thought was is the call routing through as an IP call and being rejected because it’s not setup on your phone?

I think more troubleshooting would be needed though to work out what’s going on.

If you put your SIM into another phone, does the problem still exist?

What type of network is being used by your work, i.e. is it an VOIP phone they are calling from?

My colleagues call me from internal numbers to my mobile without trouble, but they are not using an VOIP telephony system so it may not be comparable to your situation

What kind of Fairphone system do you use? I had a similar problem with OS 1.6.
I was able to solve it by updating to Koala Nut 1.8.

(see details here: Often not receiving calls; callers hear busy signal)

Unfortunately I have already updated the OS to Koala Nut, so it must be something more than that. Thanks for the idea though.

Yeah, the SIM is working fine in other handsets and no one else ( as I am the only person I know with a FP) has the same problem at work. I have also been using the dual SIM, one for personal and one for work, both suffered the same problem when I was trying to work it through.

I will do some digging about the work network, but unfortunately the stock answer from our work IT people is to put the SIM back into the original job-supplied handset.