My order is being delivered, despite me being told that it was cancelled

Hello, a few days ago I ordered a FP3, but to a wrong address.
I wrote support about it and they helped me cancel the order.
Now it turns out the order is still being delivered, to the wrong address, and support is not reacting. I just got a Mail from DHL that it will arrive on Wednesday. I’d rather it not arrive at all, it should not arrive at all, in fact the delivery should not exist.
Support is also not reacting.

What can I do?
Thanks for any help in advance.

My guess would be, that a delivery can not be stoped by Fairphone once it was handed to DHL for delivery. Even if they would cancel it now, it would be too late most likely.

But - in Germany at least - you can redirect a parcel to a parcel-station or DHL service point.
Doesn’t the DHL mail give you this option?


I assume that you received an email by DHL Express (different from DHL), right?

If that is the case, doesn’t the email include a DHL Express customer phone number? DHL Express shipments are courier services and usually you should be able to influence delivery details that way.


There is as far as i can see no phone number in the EMail, it is DHL Express though.

I wrote the support of DHL now, hopefully they can do something.

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Danke ich rufe da morgen mal an. Heute scheints schon zu spät zu sein.

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The problem is that it’s getting delivered to switzerland, where I’ll have to pay tarrifs-

Oh, I see.
That’s most likely complicating things, if you want to redirect delivery to another country.
I wonder, if you - or the person at the swiss adress - just could refuse delivery (or not answer the bell), so it will be returned to sender. But I don’t know, if that is the case.


I would do that, but Fairphone already has my money. Thanks for the help, I’ll look at it again tomorrow.

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