My FP3+ thinks it's in the Philippines

for some time now, my FP3+ thinks it’s in the Philippines, whien in fact it’s in Germany. this means that many apps simply do not work, most frustratingly the local public transport app which i need for tickets and timetables.
i have tried resetting everything, short of doing a complete factory reset on the phone. i have looked at all the location settings that i can find, and there is nothing that suggests it is affecting the setting. i have turned the GPS on and off.
i, and the phone, have never been in the Philippines … it is really a mystery & quite frustrating!
has anyone else had this problem? any clues how to solve it?

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Where do you see, that the phone is in the Philippines? If you start Google Maps, where does it locate you? You are not using a VPN by chance?

Have you and your phone been in the Philippines at some point? If you used or even set up Google services there, it might have remembered that and this seems to be very persistent. Have you already reset data for the Google Play Services and Google Play Store? At least when I had that issue it helped. You have to be sure to be in the right network at the time when it reinitializes those services, though. So certainly no foreign VPN, etc.

It is not clear from your description if it is actually a Play Store thing, though - as @Incanus already mentioned. Please go into more detail about the actual messages you’re receiving and from which apps. Also: When did those problems start?

Still using /e/OS?

This Philippines thing has been observed by other users, too, when /e/OS 1.0 introduced Advanced Privacy, including possibilities to hide the real location. Perhaps you want to check out Settings - Advanced Privacy - Manage my location.
More on this over here …

Edit: … and here …


i do not use google maps, my phone is completely google-free. i have the /e/ os. if i open google maps in the browser and click on “your location”, it thinks i’m in the middle of Quezon City, near Manila in the Philippines … my GPS location is turned on & at the moment i’m on a wifi network in frankfurt, germany …

i have never ever in my life been in the Philippines, nor has the phone to my knowledge (unless it was manufactured there) & i don’t use any google services on the phone (except going to in a browser sometimes)

I think @AnotherElk has answered your question in the meantime. That you’re using /e/ is an important bit of information. I suggest you follow up with the links provided there.

fantastic, thank you! this looks like it is the solution :grinning: at least now the maps are showing me where i am. MVG app is still not working properly but it was already unreliable before the philippines thing started happening.
thanks everyone for your suggestions and help!


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